Reward "bad luck"

I don’t know if the math dictates my experience. But so far I have found both trap rooms before finding the third boss every day. I feel like such bad luck should be rewarded as an imperfect run.

On a side note. I can’t help but question all these updates that result in only a fraction of the player base being lucky enough to enjoy. Meanwhile the mass population feels bad save for those who just quit. The community does every thing it can to stay together while the publisher does every thing they can to divide us. This can’t be a lucrative strategy.


I’m at 0/14 for perfect runs (2 accounts). Though at least there’s been one or two times when I didn’t find both traps before the last battle, lucky? :sweat_smile:

Assuming 10% chance for perfect run, this is still statistically normal, but it sure feels like :poop:

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I did the math and:

  • 60% chance: Both traps discovered
  • 30% chance: Single trap discovered
  • 10% chance: Perfect run

Make sure to calibrate your expectations accordingly? Yes, it is painful for the new Dragonite resource to be exclusive to that lucky 10%, but again, it IS a new bonus on top of the existing material rewards. (And maybe not all players need them, but that in itself is not wrong.)

They should give half the rewards instead of nothing. Doing your daily dungeon should give half the rewards when you are unlucky.


0/16, “luck” continues. At some point the streak breaks, right? :sweat_smile:


If you chain an infinite number of monkeys to an infinite number of typewriters, at some point one of them will bang out the collected works of Shakespeare? Right? :sunglasses:

0/7 here. :upside_down_face:

0/20. Not impressed :unamused:

Cross posting!


The biggest problem with this player-hostile update is the problem that hardly anyone pays gems into the guild events and instead gems are spent on dragonite. You destroy the entire game here and the associated guild togetherness. Dragonite must not remain a game of chance. And you should fix the problem quickly before you have dismantled the weekly events on a large scale.


I appreciate the update, Jeto :slightly_smiling_face:

That said, if the update wasn’t causing so much frustration all around to begin with (because surely the reaction isn’t a surprise), that would have been much better.

0/22, streak continues.

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Wonder if everyone else is actually getting the 10% perfect runs :confused:



Kinda feeling like giving up here :unamused:

Still behind my 0/33. You should pass me soon as only logging 1 account atm :grinning:


The race is on! :joy:

I thought tonight was the night… First 2 doors opened were battles. And then 2 traps :woman_facepalming:

0/13 or is it 0/14 already? I’ve been trying daily since the patch came out, but losing track already. Glad to hear there are some changes incoming to this system

A perfect run! 1/34 :upside_down_face:

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Ive had 2 perfect runs on live stream and someone in my discord has had 3 it isnt impossible just keep trying

1/34 :sweat_smile:

3 days of writing it down, never had a battle behind doors 1 or 2 on one account, so today:

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1/36 and 2 Green Dragons, yay!

Funnily enough, may be usable.

Been using;

Dragon’s Eye - Dragonguard

Some bonus stats and scales magic, +2 magic matching green
/ Dragon green storm.

I will try Veno, Lep, 2x Emeraldrin and see what +4 on green does.

The dragons actually do nice damage so losing Venoxia to skulls might not be an issue.