On all day pets replace pet gnomes with treasure gnomes

Tuesdays are terrible days to play because every time I get a pet gnome, I feel like I’m missing out.

I understand how those without great guilds that communicate need an all day pet, but getting useless pet gnomes is like salt in the wound.

If they were more like exclusive pets, like you could get multiple pet rescues in the same day, but they were all the same pet that would be even better.

It feels like since pet gnomes were introduced, the incidence of treasure gnome dropped. So, having pet gnomes removed from the drop pool during all day pets would work too.


That’s a great idea!

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Yeah pet gnomes on these days make me sad.

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I like these suggestions but sounds like too hard to code. Took them 3 months to change Cedric’s drops in the vault.

I can accept these 24 hr rescues because I understand not all players get almost constant pet events. But the devs did say they are looking at increasing it more than once a week which I don’t want to see.

Or buff the amount of food we get from 1, 1x white food is pretty bad.