All day pet days are such a waste

Wednesday are bad enough when we have to go without pets that day. But Saturday’s are even worse.

I had 2 pet gnomes in 20 minutes. It feels like the game is mocking me.

Or like if you catch one right before reset you won’t get a pet. Frustrating.

Please do something about this.

I know we need the new pets once in a while but can we at least lose the Saturday pet and not call it a event.

Such a waste of a good day to catch pets.

I hate to complain but this is just super annoying.

Thats all. Carry on. Thanks.


Now, DEVs stated, that Wendesday and Saturday pet events will stay 1day long, and that no more than 1 pet rescue can be active at once.

But, I recall, that it was discussed on one of last streams, they are thinking about improving the odds of getting non-mythic pet events… options like “pick one of 3 given pets to rescue” were discussed etc.

That still won’t change Wednesdays and Saturdays problem, but will make those pet gnomes outside of these more worth…


Solution is very easy, requires no UI changes or complex programming. During pet event, pet gnomes drop pet bait instead of useless food


Very nice idea. :+1::+1:

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I like the pet bait idea. Another idea I thought of but never bothered to post (until now) is for Pet Gnomes to drop 1 free copy of whatever pet is involved in the ongoing pet rescue, if there’s already one running. This would make Pet Gnomes worth hunting during pet rescues for pets you don’t have maxed yet, especially cosmetic pets.


Agreed. I have been updating the other thread on this but the devs have stated that it’d be too difficult to allow multiple pet rescues (24 and single hour) to run simultaneously.

There are other ideas on how to solve this. Ultimately I dont think this will really be addressed though.

Yes please!

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The pet bait idea will never happen. Have you seen how much $ value they think pet bait is worth?


I wonder if the money made from selling pets makes up for the loss from pet rescue days.

Games like GoW work by being addictive; the goal is to get people to play that game only. This is done partially by having time consuming dailies and then something to farm.

Personally, the only thing I farm are pets. So, after dailies, I do PvP. But on pet rescue days, I can’t farm pets. So, after dailies, there is nothing that keeps me to this game. I play another game once my dailies are done.

This is a bad model. When people pick up another game to play, those two games compete for that addiction and wallet.


Farming explore is always an option. Pretty soon we’re going to need 10 silver troops per kingdom, then in a few years 15 gold.

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Indeed. The daily offers have been pretty useful for me to get pets but I still have to grind out the Classes. It’s going to take so long (just going from 90 to 100 is 478 PVP wins…) that I’ve switched over to playing Path of Exile for now, where I have two achievements left to get and I’m done. Having much more fun.

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Although true, because of how rare nysha is I just can’t be bothered. I got my three nyshas and my frequently used troops medalled. Just give me pets. NEED MORE PETS!

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But pet bait gets automatically used on the next PvP battle so you’d get into a loop of play PVP / kill gnome / get pet bait / play PVP / kill baited gnome / get pet bait …

Have the Pet Gnome drop a pet food + a random pet if there’s already a rescue running.

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Pet bait does not get used when another pet is running

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Ooooh didn’t know that! cool cool.

You don’t need Nysha medals to fulfill future kingdom power requirements, because by the time bronze, silver or gold elite troops become a factor in achieving higher kingdom power levels, you will have obtained 30+ troops from that kingdom. So you will have plenty of low or mid rarity troops to upgrade. Even when the time comes where you will need 20 gold elite troops in a kingdom, you can do that by upgrading all commons, rares, ultra-rares and perhaps some epics. Upgrading mythic and legendary troops shouldn’t be necessary to have 20 gold elite troops when time comes.

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Sure, and I get that, but I am so far away from that being an issue I don’t care. I just want to farm pets in PvP. I don’t enjoy explore.

A better idea would be Saturday to be a 24 hour fixed random cosmetic pet that changed every hour randomly so you could get the same one but at least you could get 24 pets instead of one.


Adding to this, the “Upgrade a Pet to Level 20” bottlenecks at PL 12 and 16 happen well before the “Gold Elite” requirements (PL 21+?), and hold up players in non-Uber Guilds for much longer.

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I think the “+1 free pet” option is much more likely to be palatable than rewarding a Pet Gnome Bait during the 24h rescues, as appealing as the Bait would be.

If the +1 pet was restricted to the Pet currently active, and the player already had that Pet maxed, it would only be a change from a White Pet Food to a particular coloured one, as well.

The Bait would be greater value than you’d get on a regular day with normal rescues available, especially if they were stackable (are they?), since you or other guildmates could potentially get more than one Pet’s worth each hour (although with the low appearance rates… :confused:). Maybe it would be a nice way to make up for how annoying the 24h rescues are, though :stuck_out_tongue:, and it would be an added incentive to play.

Clearly, the Powers That Be want you to purchase cosmetic pets, which is likely why you (probably) get inundated with flash offers for those guys.

Even if that’s not the case, where’s the benefit to the game’s creators and developers to do this?