Dear devs. Please make the appearance rate of Pet Gnomes higher

…than Glory/Jewel/Soul Gnomes?
The latter 3 are all pretty useless (to end game players.) As will be the new Gnome.

Pretty please? :pray:

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I agree. I only ever want to see pet gnomes. Even if they appear a lot, the 1-hour event makes it so only 24 events can occur per day. Nobody is playing 24 hours a day so, it isn’t like it is going to make people get pets that much more. … I currently get 1-2 per day and sometimes a guild mate will send a heads up when I’m not playing but I can’t get on anyways. With more pet gnomes, the people with less active guilds and that play at different hours will have a few more opportunities.


You know the pet shop that you can spend gems on that no one does to buy pet baskets to get more pets? I think that’s the plan.