24 hour Pet Rescue event feedback

I am filing a formal complaint about having a pet rescue longer than 1 hour on a non Wednesday. Loosing out on pet gnomes on Wednesday is bad enough, we don’t need this on saturday when many of us are more active, especially before guild wars when some of us are doing more PvP to try stuff out for guild wars.


Dude, I agree, its really frustrating to see notifications that there is a pet rescue, only to see it was 3 hours ago or something and you had just been busy.

Allow us to store like, up to 5 of these or something. Pets are directly linked to being able to level your kindoms, it kind of sucks that its so easy to miss the easiest opportunities for this.

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Hear! Hear!

Of course, I have resolved myself to the fact that the developers will not fix that. Sigh.

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They (developers) could simply give these events their own tab/UI window so all players have a chance to get that SPECIFIC pet from the daily event and still be able to get the randomly assorted ones.

This wouldn’t reduce much of the scarcity of some pets. The random ones will often be pets you already have maxed out, this is truer when you have nearly every pet, so pet rescues and their respective shops are still a very effective Gem Sink.

There is no good reason to add insult to the injury by having the Cosmetic Pets events becoming another bothersome thing to :poop: on the players…


I’ve always thought it would be nice to get pet bait if a pet gnome is killed when a pet rescue is current. Alas, not going to happen.


This is a good thing. There are a lot of players that don’t have all the cosmetic pets because they weren’t able to get them when they were released, started playing after they were released or have returned from a break and are missing some cosmetic pets. This is only 24 hours every few months you still have every single Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday and something like every 45 out of 50 Saturdays. The people missing these pets only have a very rare Saturday to get them but you have every single day except the Wednesday and very rare Saturday.

I would like some more 24 hour cosmetic pet rescues maybe once a month do a cosmetic pet. New/low level/guildless players can have 4 days to guarantee a pet, new and returning players can have 1 day to get an old cosmetic pet and the high level would have 25 days a month to get random pets.

Is 5 or 6 days a year for people to get a missing cosmetic pet really that bad when you have 300+ days to get other pets? It seems really fair to me.


I actually like the weekend cosmetic pet rescue, i didnt have a chance to get it maxed when it appeared last time


Of course it would be awesome to get pet bait from the pet gnome when the pet event is active or just buy cosmetic pets from daily deals… but we can’t, so any access to older cosmetic pets is better than none.

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I’ve renamed the thread so it’s more likely to be seen by the designers who would be responsible for considering and possibly actioning this feedback.


I’m glad if the saturday cosmetic pets will really return every 5 weeks.

Still not sure why it has to be one or the other. Coding issue? No way to do a pet “event” all day long that functions incidentally to a rescue but can exist concurrently with a normal pet “rescue” that you trigger with gnomes? Or is it more of a reward/economy concern thing? Genuinely asking.


Here is a good compromise. Cosmetic pet event once a month on a Saturday. But instead of it being 1 pet all day long… Every gnome found on that Saturday will start a rescue for a random Cosmetic Pet.


Probably not worth the time and effort it takes to change it. What’s the point in wasting so much time when it is only 24 hours every couple of months?

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I’m 100% in support of Pet Gnomes dropping bait if there is already an active Pet Rescue. Even drop different baits. Kingdom Bonus Pet Bait, Troop Bonus Pet Bait, Cosmetic Pet bait, Color Bonus Pet bait etc…

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Won’t happen. They have already diluted the chance of Pet Gnomes appearing due to numerous Gnomes. Pets in Daily Deals. No Pet Gnomes in Explore. Gnome Bait in Guild Elite purchase.

Basically, if you want a regular supply of pets now it is going to cost you.

FYI It’s 24 hours a couple of times next month (Oct 2020). For Halloween 2018 and Halloween 2019 cosmetic pets.
Having said that, I have no problem at all how it’s currently run.

Thankfully the sat pet rescues coming up are on weekends with events. I believe this is the first time that has occurred for a sat pet rescue. I like the fact that they lineup like that. Personally I love the old cosmetic pet weekends and don’t want them changed at all. I’m a completionist so this works in my favor. I can see how others would hate it if they aren’t collectors or min/maxers

@Kafka How about this? On a pet rescue day, the pet resets every hour (or any time interval) so you could offer multiple pets on the day. This would also be along the line of the thinking of game designers - gem sinking ideas. I am not blaming the devs here, just suggesting that gem sink had been a part of game mode designing recently.