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Once a month cosmetic pet rescues

I took a break from the game for around 10 months and in that time I missed a lot of cosmetic pets just like a lot of other returning players and new players. What I would like is a 24 hour cosmetic pet rescue once a month on a Saturday. Pet rescues take 15 minutes with an average team and well under 10 minutes with a decent team so having it while another weekend event is going on wouldn’t matter.

For the complainers. Is it to much to ask that I get one day a month to get a missing cosmetic pet that I would never have been able to get while you get 25 days every month to get old random pets that are everywhere? That is 24 hours for a cosmetic pet a month and 600 hours for random pets a month.


There’s exactly such an event running now with skull beak.

that is exactly what he was talking about

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I would rather they add cosmetic pets to your daily offers if needed for kingdom progression.


once a month is too frequent for me…XD but i like the idea of making it more frequent

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I can’t tell if genuine or sarcastic, since that’s already in the game :thinking:

It’s not exactly once a month, but it’s in rotation. Not sure what the schedule is now, it used to be on weekends when there was no other events, but this weekend we have raid boss + cosmetic pet, so :woman_shrugging:

I’m ok giving up a Saturday of pet rescues once in a while. I’d like to see them fit more pets in it though, eg. one pet the first 12 hours and a different pet the next 12 hours? Or even better, have 24 1 hour rescues, so we could actually get enough pets to make it count? Not going to happen, I know, but a girl can dream :smiley:

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I know but this doesn’t happen often and I like it.

That would be nice but I would like a free option as well so I can save all my gems for world events.

I think once a month would be a good it is till only 12 a year.

I’m being genuine. It is already in the game but it is pretty rare and I would like it more often.

Isn’t there something going on every single weekend though with faction events, vault events, bounty and now raid and invasions?

One every hour or even having 2 with 12 hours would be better but I can’t see scheduled rescues ever being less than 24 hours.

I’d prefer Saturday’s cosmetic pets to be more regular and predictable… for example I was hoping to get Bunny Chick and Little Bang this year and nothing.

One thing shouldn’t even exclude the other in my opinion. Cosmetic/Specific Pets could have their OWN event tab/button, just like we have one for Raids for example, and we still have a chance to trigger pet rescues from gnomes. Simple solution that would’nt even cut on teh devs’ plans of making us use gems like I explained in the other thread.

Sentimentally, I agree with you.

From a development perspective, it would be quite some work to run 2 pet rescues side by side. UI changes, pet gnome coding changes, notification popup changes (which one comes first) etc. The little cuts each require time while introducing risk of more bugs, so I personally cannot see the payoff being fantastic for the publisher.

Linking to the reverse topic

The notifications wouldn’t be a problem since the events tab would take care of announcing there is a specific pet rescue running all day.

The rest of the work, while I can imagine is a bit more complex than copy+paste wouldn’t be overwhelming if they have programmers with some competence*.

*(Better to not discuss this and mention past examples for the sake of not hurting their feelings…)

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