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Have pet gnome rates changed since the 24 hour event?

After seeing them very consistently, our guild hasn’t ran into a single one since the event? Anyone else having better luck?

Intrim has had three pet events since reset

I’ve had much better luck since the event than the day before the event, playing about the same amount.

If they did change it, they’d keep it quiet. There are lots of things they can tweak, and occasionally they screw it up really badly and people notice.

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5 hours of pvp grind - 1 pet gnome. All the guildmates have similar impression so i believe they were nerfed quite seriously.

Day 1 it was fun and now it is boring like raids - shame on you devs.

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Seems about the same too me

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Maybe it is platform dependent?

absolut ,they took away all the fun

I haven’t seen a pet gnome since it started and iv played a lot. Has the drop rate been lowered?

Hi Thanks for reply, The rate is extremely low then as none of my guild have encountered 1 yet and we are active full guild. Please can it be higher or say 1 in 30-50 games like gnomes. Its very discouraging.

Yeah, rates are just fine, it’s all RNG. I found 7 in a single day 2 days ago. Yet we have some members with 2k trophies who have found none. With 30 members, it averages out just fine. Our guild tends to find about 10-12 a day on average.


Rates are not fine for us :tired_face: we had one 2 days ago and nothing since. Iv been on pvp ranked and even Arena and that’s for hours so am confused as to why I haven’t ever encountered 1 pet gnome. what is your guild doing that we are not can I ask?

I personally do ranked pvp and chase revenges. I don’t think that changes my odds, but that’s just what I do. Like I said, it’s all RNG. One day you’ll find lots, another you’ll only find a couple.

All 30 of your members are active? Or is 5-10 more active than the other 20?

Yes all members are active but probably not at the same time. On chat we have round 7-8 that we know of all playing PVP for hours in hopes of getting a pet gnome. to put in perceptive I have over 500 trophy’s in pvp and not 1 gnome and that’s where the RNG feels unfair.

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Our Guild has nearly non stop pets to hunt when 5-10 people playing over the day.


Wow that’s a lot. I’m wondering if its a glitch as more of us are playing and I swear not 1 pet gnome. That’s insane bad luck for us :unamused:

some guildmember wait sometimes when they have a petgnome in pvp when the timer says max 20min before they kill them to habe a nonstop event

I don’t care what anyone says, they are definitely more rare than they were on day 1. Devs say no intentional change but that doesn’t rule out unintentional.