Why were pet rescue gnomes removed?

Or do they just not show up in casual PVP any longer?

I’ve gotten 4 tonight …

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NEVER MIND. Finally got one. I think the game monitors this forum. Gave me a pet rescue 3 battles after I posted here!!!


Seriously, though. Haven’t seen a Pet Gnome show up in PvP since Wednesday morning. What am I doing wrong?

You’re just unlucky, or not chewing through enough battles per minute, or both.


I have been playing plenty of PVP battles.

Should I file a Bug Report when the Pet Gnome doesn’t show up for over three days?

Is anyone else this unlucky?

Could the Developers at least consider “incremental odds” where every 10 battles or so the appearance chance goes up by a percent or two, then reset when the Pet Gnome is finally revealed?


I play to Ranked PvP every week and play Casual PvP for many battles. Sometimes I go weeks with out finding a pet gnome.
It’s luck, it’s not a bug

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Glad it’s not just me who thought things seemed off.

I haven’t seen one in 2 weeks whereas before I’d get one or two.

This isn’t a bug, just a case of bad luck. Pet gnomes are still at the same encounter chance.


5 weeks of pvp level 1 and beyond and not 1 pet gnome. In fact 1 gnome total in the process. Don’t give me this RNG excuse yet again you’ve downsized the drop rate and we know it.

It’s RNG - sometimes it’s your friend, other times your enemy. I got several yesterday doing casual pvp. I see no real difference in the drop rate, personally. RNG is neutral to me at the moment.


Tier 1 in Pvp mean roughly 25 matches, 5 weeks is 125 matches
Meanwhile the drop rate for pet gnome is estimated at around 150 matches / 1 pet gnome


RNG? Fair enough.

I remember getting 1 a day, on average, including 1 on Wednesday. Apparently my memory is faulty.

Time to start measuring this, I suppose. I would really like to know the actual percentage. This will take awhile.

Thank you, everybody.

When pet gnomes were first released they used to trigger a lot more often.

Pet gnomes are only in ranked / casual PVP now, before you could go get them through one hit kill explore battles. Which I think is where most of them came from.

More gnomes now, so odds of getting a pet gnome is lower.


Yeah. Not sure who wanted the mecha gnome, but adding that one was the worst ever. Ingot drops are useless; and it lowered the percentage chance of getting a pet gnome.


i think there was alot of people complaining about not enough Epic ingot ingame

I remember the discussion. Seems like those people never delved. Ingot poverty is an extremely short term problem in the game.

Epic ingots can’t be obtained by delving. That’s not to say the Mecha Gnome was a perfect way to solve the epic ingot shortage, but it’s definitely harder to obtain them than others.

They can be in a roundabout way: I get 30ish free ingots a day now. If they’re all commons, that’s 3 rares, .3 ultra rares, and/or .03 epics.

And often they’re not all commons, which accelerates the rate of acquisition (if one is willing to accept the soul tax).

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Yeah that’s true. I’ve never thought about crafting ingots because weapons haven’t held me back from Kingdom power yet, but I certainly have a lot of extra Common/Rare/Ultra-Rares, partially from my renown rewards.

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