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Have pet gnomes been nerfed?

This could just be a run of bad luck, but I’m curious if other guilds are finding significantly fewer pet gnomes in the last few weeks. Our players seeing normal numbers of other gnomes in PVP but almost no pet gnomes. Seemed to start around the time of the update, which made me wonder if there had been an intentional or unintentional nerf to the pet gnome drop rate.

Or maybe we’re just having a random dry spell.

I’m curious to see how many are found in arena, now. Our guild’s pet rescues seem to come from PVP only.

I’m yet to see a Pet Gnome in Arena since the update I think. Wondering if anyone has a screenshot of one appearing there post update?

In regards to the OP, possibly other guild members are spending some more time in Arena now and therefore less time doing PvP/fewer pet rescues as a result?


I thought I saw somewhere there were no pet gnomes in arena?

People spending time in other events could be reducing PVP time, though not a lot of love for new arena in my guild so unlikely to be a major factor :slightly_smiling_face: But campaigns and all the events generally could be eating into PVP time. The drop rate per battle does seem to have dropped though - although this could be a coincidence


Pet Gnomes always previously had a chance to appear in Arena. Not sure if they are much rarer or do not appear at all now though?

Maybe @Cyrup could provide more information on this?

I asked Salty on her stream thread. She said nothing about gnomes have been changed with the newest patch.

But I am also one of the club who would love to see a SS of a pet gnome in the arena after 5.2

Lots of stuff unintentionally break in GoW and idk why pet gnomes would break in the arena, but anything is possible.


Less deeds tasks too from the Adventure Boards. But that’s for another topic, perhaps.


Hmm, 320 PvP this week; a few Treasure Gnomes, no Pet Gnomes so far…

A while back I kept records of gnomes in PvP (but don’t do it anymore) - petless streak was never so long.


Felt like the pet gnome rate used to be every 100-150 battles but has dropped below 1 in 300 now. Hard to tell with a small sample though

So, first Pet Gnome of the week after 485 PvP games…bad luck ir no bad luck, that’s not funny at all.
With amount of PvP play decreasing and so low appearance rate it’s no wonder we see less pet rescues (our guild has had 3, including this here I mention now, I know of this week) while it used to be quite a bit more.
Were it not for Vault event, we would hardly see any.

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I wonder if it’s the unfortunate consequences of more 24 hour pet rescues and pet offers.

I thought that at first @awryan but am hearing from several regular PVP pet hunters that the drop rate seems to have gone down a lot for them, and that mirrors my own experience


Well this issue seems to have gone away this week, with all our guilds back to more normal pet gnome drop rates as of Monday this week. There was a data file update on Mon, so am not sure if that fixed it or the whole 2-3 dry spell across multiple guilds was just a freak of the RNG.

If it was a fix, my thanks to whichever dev noticed and fixed it.

I suspect that many things are being nerfed on the quiet to inhibit progression. AB deed opportunities are very scarce and arena as you say has yet to yield a pet gnome for me personally. But hey I don’t play it much. My game time is limited and in a state of perpetual decline due to lack of enjoyment. I simply don’t have the time to waste on arena because I still need classes boosted and explore to find the nysha tokens (definitely nerfed) that continue to elude me and hence diminish my appetite for the game deeper into the abyss. Before campaign was introduced, I was 2 troops short of a full set. Because I won’t buy a pass that number has, and will continue to increase. All effort thus wasted as a consequence of chasing player investment in a game that they cannot or will not fix. I’ve noticed that many top 30 xbox guilds are now lacking numbers and feel that this is a sign that the required grind has exceeded plausibility. Radio silence just increases player despondence and fatigue. For me it’s clear that I have played too much and lost faith in every “update”. Today’s Halloween “special” is £45.99 for a power orb and I think (I closed the flash offer at once) 1800 gems. Absolutely no way! Seems like incoming power orb troops are gonna be more frequent than streams etc have led us to believe.


“Fixed minor bugs”

^ You see that expect ninja nerfs.

I put in a request on Discord that anyone who has seen a pet gnome in Arena to please post a screen shot. That was on Monday’s event.
Zip. Nada. Bupkis. Zero.
Now it’s the first day of the weekend event (which is when I expect to see the most activity, cause to play 6 rounds of Arena for 3 gem keys is a colossal waste of time IMO), and still nothing.
So, until I see otherwise, there are no pet gnomes in Arena.


I think we can say with some confidence that there are no pet gnomes in the arena. I’m not actually sure where the view came from that they should be but I thinknwe can chalk it up to a mistake.

Personally I’m just glad they are back in PVP!

Pet Gnomes could appear in Arena prior to the 5.2 update/ever since Gnomes were introduced to the game.

5.3 seems to have removed them from there though now, devs can’t be bothered either acknowledging or denying this is so. :laughing:


I don’t know about Arena but we had a pet rescue triggered every hour during the last Vault Weekend. 1 player (the main pet hunter) triggered 41 pet rescues over the course of the Vault weekend and often we had players with pet Gnomes queued up in a pvp battle waiting for a current rescue to end to defeat the battle and trigger the next rescue.

This isn’t unique to this last vault weekend either, generally always seems like we have no trouble finding pet gnomes during vault weekends.

On the other hand, this week has been generous with regards to Pet gnomes - I don’t remember last non-vault instance I’ve seen so many of them (4 in 280 games for me and a few more from other guildmates).
I guess I’ll keep tracking those creatures down for myself for a while longer and try to see if some kind of picture forms.