Has the drop rates of Pet Gnomes been changed?


Our guild is finding a lot less Pet Gnomes than before. I just wonder if their drop rates got changed?


I feel the same way since the gnome event ended. Did their spawn rates drop after the weekly reset? I find more regular gnomes then ever now. I thought we were the only guild to see a decrease this week.


Maybe they switched pet gnome and loot gnome drop rates?


Same thing for us. There definitely felt like a big jump in pet gnomes during the vault weekend and now it has really dropped off, but the drop-off feels like it is down to a lower rate than the couple weeks before the vault event.

We’re semi-casual, so it would be easier to chalk up our results to RNG. I’d be curious to hear whether the hardcore guilds are experiencing a lower rate of pet events also.

Edit: I’m usually one of the first to argue that RNG is RNG (so hot and cold spells should be expected), but where rates have never been given officially, nor even enough data collected for the community to come up with a reasonable guess, I’m open to more anecdotal evidence to at least get a conversation started.


I think they nerfed the Pet Gnomes, because they were meant to be very rare in first place. At least that is my 5 cents. I did not made this thread to vent, I just wanted a clarification from a Dev.


I have noticed a considerable change in Pet Gnome appearances since the Vault event. I’m glad that I’m not the only one noticing this. Just today I have had 8 Treasure Gnomes to 0 Pet Gnomes. It’s good that you shed some light on this @Eika just in case an unintended error has occurred in their drop rates.

Edited- 14 Treasure Gnomes for me today vs 0 Pet Gnomes. I have gained 4 levels (over 1400) since my last Pet Gnome.


I’ve been wondering the same thing for a while, so I’m glad you asked the question. Last week, I’d normally miss 3 to 5 pet events while I was sleeping and a few more while at work. This week, I’ve been missing one or 2 over night and another one or two while at work. That could still just be RNG giving my guild a cold streak, but it’s been going for a few days now pretty consistently. By contrast, we had 18 pet events on Saturday, though there were admittedly more of us playing.


It was funny you startedthis because we were just talking about this in guild chat. Im not here to vent or be negative either. I just thought it was irinic 5 minutes later you made a thread.

So i agree with you.

We the ppl in nemesis are seeing less pet gnomes and playing the same amount as before.


That sentence was one that I wanted to have in my OP, but I never came that far. I hope we will get a clarification on it, thats all what I was after with this thread - was what I meant.


My GL asked the same question in guild discord an hour ago.

Me too. I don’t mind at all if they did some analysis and found that guilds are generating more pet events than expected so they dropped the rate a bit. It’s not like we’re not getting any pets now - it’s just less. If there was actually a buff during the vault event, that was an unexpected bonus.


I saw 5 loot gnomes in my 75 battles task. All arena and 1 t pvp. Not a single pet. I feel like the drop ratios were switched between the 2 gnomes.


Treasure gnomes should always be more common than pet gnomes. It only takes one person to trigger a pet event for the whole guild, where a treasure gnome benefits only the player that finds it.


I agree but as much as we play it does feel different this week and its good to know we aren’t alone feeling this way.

Either way confirmation would be great.

Edit. Pinging @Cyrup, @Saltypatra, @Kafka. Is there anything you can shate with us?


Yeah, as @Stan stated - we could never compare those two gnomes drop rates, the treasure gnome was always a lot more common compared to the pet gnome. The treasure gnomes drop rates looks fine like before(without an vault event).


Maybe the drop rate was increase during vault event and now you are seeing the normal rate back…

I Wouldn’t be that surprise if the code was written as such that when increasing treasure gnomes drop rate during vault event, it automatically increases all gnomes type drop rate.


18 pet gnomes during a day is insanely lucky.

My guild record was 6. We could be more active indeed.


That was what we were thinking.

A lot of the time, we’d be halfway through an event and someone would already have found another pet gnome (and then they would sit and wait for the event to end before finishing their battle). Part of getting so many events was coordinating to make sure we didn’t waste any gnomes, but it was still way more frequent than we were used to (even compared to other weekends). We had about 15 on Friday and Sunday last week, too, but Saturday was the record.


Ya it make sense.


Pet Gnomes RIP lol.

edit - just found one :laughing:


0 Gnomes in general playing PVP to pvp level 4 and zip.