Pet Gnomes appearing less frequently now?

I have been noticing for the last three weeks or so, that we are not getting the same amount of Pet Gnomes that we used to get on average.

My personal best record was getting 15 Pet Gnomes when the Vault Event week was active.
I can’t recall if it was a regular one or the one where the chances were raised a bit further.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the drop chances for the Pet Gnomes were nerfed some time ago.
I also think that the Battlecrashers may contribute to this as well.

Let’s discuss this and find out if it’s true or false.

I got 2 pet gnomes in the last hour

but generally, meta defense teams are more annoying, so you are not gonna win as quickly like you did 2 months ago using only skeleton key for 40 seconds per battle
less wins, less chances

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My guild is getting so many pets. we barley keeping up with them. One after the other.
So we dont have no NP with it. Its just me and my guilds opinion that’s all😁