[Not a bug] Pet gnome drop rate

I did Gnome-a-palooza to get pet rescue started. It took 7 matches to find one pet gnome. I have never seen this low pet gnome drop rate. Before it took max two to three matches to get pet gnome with GaP.

I have been suspecting pet gnome drop rate nerf for long time now. On normal days i usually get at least one or two pet rescues (i do play alot pvp), but ever since 6.4. it can take 3 hours or even more straight pvp before a pet gnome appears. To me it feels like pet gnomes only show up 1/3 of what they used to do.


It definitely feels nerfed to me as well. Last vault weekend, I had a GAP where it took 6 pvp matches to find a pet gnome, which ate up a few minutes of my E1 spam time. Since then, Since then, I’ve been too afraid to attempt any more GAP pets, so instead I’d just go into casual pvp (without GAP) when current pet has less than 15 minutes left and hold a pet gnome until current rescue ends, if need be.

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It does feel to me like it’s taking multiple battles to trigger a pet gnome at the start of a G-A-P more often than it used to? but I don’t have data to back up this subjective feeling.

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I’ve triggered about 20 pet rescues from GaPs this weekend and only 2 have taken more than 1 battle, and those only took 2 battles. On Xbox if that makes a difference.

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Hey all,

I just heard back from the team for some confirmation, we haven’t made any recent changes to the appearance rate of Pet Gnomes.

If any changes were to be made, we would be sure to include these in any patch notes or make an announcement. :sparkles:

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

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On nintendo switch the same problem 4 hour’s cpvp and no petgnome!

Has there been any change to either the probability of gnomes dropping gems (when using a VK or EVK) or the likelihood of the gem drop sizes themselves?

I’ve just opened ~100 EVK & VK and did not see a single drop larger than 6 Gems. Previously, there has been larger drops and they were more frequent.

Appreciate your kind and well worded replies. Your the best.

Gnome spawn seemed normal to me (Steam); I didn’t write them down as it wasn’t my intention to begin with and normal explore battles, due to mostly spending Paloozas for a change, were not that numerous (to get mythstones from 60-70 to a 100 and boss chest), but nothing struck me as out of ordinary - all kinds of gnomes, multiple gnomes in a row, longer streaks without gnomes, just like any other gnome event.
Casual PvP for pet rescues - never got to a point where I would think “come on already!”, certainly a long way off most impressive pet-gnome-barren streak of 250 PvP games (but that was one-off a long time ago).

20 epic + 108 normal

24 gems - 3 times
120 gems - 6 times

Plus - The Moon (2x), The Lovers (2x), The Sun, Heart of Rage, The Star, The Magician, The Devil, The Fool, The Chariot, The Emperor.

Just throwing this out there. I kept a pet up for most of my waking hours during the entire weekend for my guild and I never had to do more than 2 battles for a pet gnome to appear the whole weekend. In the past i’ve had to do maybe up to 4 or 5 max to see one here and there. But this last weekend I didn’t notice it being any rougher than any other time.

What you are observing doesn’t invalidate what other people are experiencing. 100 battles are a large enough sample. Not seeing a single 120 gems drop is definitely out of the normal.