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Is the pet gnome spawn rate got nerf in PVP?

I am a cPVP fan and get a decent amount of pets there before. After the update, it is not spawning on me anymore except <1 hour before pet rescue day. Which will give me 2 pet foods. My guildmate got one today from the Arena. @Saltypatra please clarify this as we didn’t get any official news about the pet gnome nerf in PVP. I’ll have a grind more in rank. I can’t believe I couldn’t get anymore now when my account used to be good at hunting pets gnomes before.

They probably didn’t nerf it so there wasn’t anything to announce

I’ve not noticed any difference in appearance chance of Pet Gnomes.

I think you are just being more unlucky than normal finding them recently. It happens.

Out of my 625 PvP fights this week, found 10 pet gnomes (and another pet gnome from arena). So it’s been one every 63ish fights. In other weeks it’s been one every 100ish fights. Just sharing my RNG stats for the week.


Just wanted to add you’re not the only one seeing this. I’ve been playing PvP on and off all week and no pet gnomes. And I’ve seen very few other gnomes as well, at least it feels like it.

I expect it’s streaky rng though, not changes to drop rates. Some other weeks, I’ve been super lucky and found pet gnomes after only a few PvP battles. The way I see it, I’m paying for that luck now :sweat_smile:

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I’d also go with you being unlucky.

My latest here:


Mar 1-Mar 7 [202 games]: P (5; snowball); T (22); P (36; magmapillar); T (49); T (74); M (170); P (182; sir botlet);

Mar 8-Mar 14 [356 games]: T (51); T (80); G (142); T (233); T (265); D (280); S (329); P (333; pegaset); S (349); T (354); P (356; tanglebush);

Mar 15-Mar 21 [19 games]: D (10); P (17; spiderling);

Mar 22-Mar 28 [177 games]: D (15); D (46);

Mar 29-Apr 4 [217 games]: 9 (P; peace pigeon); T (12); J (58); T (74); M (79); T (128); T (140); P (144; shrynx); P (145; minitaur); P (160; fennekit); P (183; baby beard);

Apr 5-Apr 11 [526 games]: P (41; weenie wyvern); T (78); T (80); G (118); P (329; magmapillar); J (338); J (359); P (462; tinycorn); D (475); S (494);

Apr 12-Apr 18 [144 games so far]: P (83; shymera); G (123);

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Odd. I’ve been thinking all day that there have been an awful lot of gnomes appearing for a non-vault weekend. I vote you’ve been unlucky.

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I change guild and got my first pet gnome after 63 fights.

It’s just streaky RNG. This past Friday, I had 1 Pet Gnome out of 15 Arena battles, then 2 more Pet Gnomes out of 18 Casual PvP battles. Between Saturday and Sunday this weekend, I’ve played 30 Arena battles and 275 Casual PvP battles without ever getting a Pet Gnome.

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