Request: PvP pet rescue on Pet Event days

On today’s Dev Q&A stream, we heard that we will soon get additional, full-day Pet Events for old cosmetic pets. While this is very welcome news, it’s actually going to reduce our access to pets, by blocking pets from Pet Gnomes on more days.

In that light, I believe it is timely to make the following request for version 4.6:

Please allow pets from Pet Gnomes to operate normally on Pet Event days.

I know this will require some changes to the pet rescue system, effectively splitting it in two. On the plus side, the code for the second system will be fundamentally the same as for the first.

I still believe it’s really worth doing, though. There are heaps of people who have been in the game since pets were introduced who are pet-blocked on multiple kingdoms (for Power Stars). For anyone starting fresh right now, it’s going to be even worse.

As an aside, the biggest resource difference I noticed when moving from an active bracket 165 Guild to a bracket 1 Guild, recently, was that the number of pet rescues doubled. While that’s amazing for me, it’s also an indication of how difficult levelling pets can be, even in active Guilds. (And don’t get me started on time zones!)

In the meantime, I think it would be polite to remove Pet Gnomes completely on Pet Event days. It just pisses people off.


Excellent Idea. Make it where we can get more Pet Events for the Wednesday Pet!


That’s not quite what I’m suggesting, but sure, whatever.

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What you suggest would be even better. I just figure the DEVS might go for the same Pet more readily :grinning:

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The more I think about this… Multiple chances at the same pet would be easier to implement and brilliant for actually trying to level a pet. Would be very likely to greatly increase the amount of PvP played on the day!


I suggested this a long time ago.