Wednesday: Wasted Green (Animal) Gnomes - They should still provide a Pet Rescue Event

Wednesday is a special day, but it’s mostly undesirable.
Why? Because if you get a Pet Gnome during the 24-hour Pet Event, it will not be triggered.
All that you will get is some pet food.

I have a suggestion on how to fix or improve this.

Every time that a Pet Gnome is given on Wednesdays, make that Pet Rescue available for 1 hour, then resume the Normal Pet Rescue Event which was already active before.

If I should a Pet, I should get it, the difference is only that after the expiration, the old Pet Event would be re-introduced or resumed normally.

However, I understand that this may pose a conflict if someone is already doing this weekly Pet Event and that would actually conflict with my suggestion or require some adjustments.

Well, in this case, the battle that was won should be admitted. Example: If you won 5 battles, you should get 5 wins admitted and saved/remembered, so that you can continue to do that after the current Pet Event ends, in this case, the last 3 battles.


It would also be nice to let the finder of pet gnomes choose which pet to rescue. If I have say snakelet mythic I dont play battle. Let me choose what I need cause I found it.


I only play 30 minutes a day maximum. I depend on being able to get the pet during the Wednesday event. No use to me if it’s available later. I’ve already put the game down. So that’s a no from me.

I get that this is frustrating for people who play several hours a day. But for casual players, the current setup is better.


I liked this idea:

It has some support, as well, I think, in this thread: Should we be allowed to get two pet rescues on Wednesday? (poll with 20 voters, 75% ‘yes’).

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I’ve thought this as well. I even started to wonder what if they do like an ‘arena’ style choice. You kill a pet gnome, you can choose from these three pet options.

It’s like the beginning of a Pokemon game. Nostalgia.

But yes, I think the original post is a valid point. Otherwise PvP pet hunting is worthless on Wednesdays.

I already suggested this a while ago.



I feel like there are 3-4 good “Pet Event request” threads right now. If we could somehow consolidate them, there’d be a lot of good stuff all in one place, and we might end up with fewer people reading one but not the others…