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Should we be allowed to get two pet rescues on Wednesday?

As everyone knows, we have a weekly pet rescue on Wednesday and it lasts for the entire day. This basically means that once we complete the pet rescue, we can’t get any other pet, and we can only get pet food from the pet gnomes. So, I was wondering, would it be a good idea to allot a special, additional slot just for Wednseday?

  • Yes
  • No

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I would say there should be NO SET pet rescues on Wednesday at all. Triggering a pet rescue normally let you have around 6 rescues a day as it stands.

Would prefer if we could get as many possible pet rescues on Wednesday after completing the weekly one, same as any other day.
Maybe this is what you were suggesting, wasn’t sure.

That’s basically what I was suggesting.

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I like the Wednesday break. :woman_shrugging:


My take on this is:
Two pet events just can’t happen at the same time.
Technology is not there yet.

But on the other hand having a specific day with a pet event during 24hs works for smaller guilds and players that play more casually. Even in bigger active guilds you can have a long sequence of pet events and keep missing that one single pet for your collection/ascension. So during these events you have a chance to get it, so remember this when you have at least half your pets at Mythic tier.


I understand the 24 hour pet rescue benefits the casual/smaller guilds but it is a pain in the rear for others. I’d like it to be scrapped but I respect that it helps others out. You can’t please everyone and as it is only one day a week, it at least gives me one day where I can play a lot less :joy: