Allow 1 hour pet rescues with 24 hour pet rescues

When there’s a full day pet rescue, like on Wednesdays, you can’t trigger an hour pet rescue. Makes sense, only one pet rescue is allowed at a time. This unfortunately means on days like Wednesday, PvP is useless to those of us who only do it for pet gnomes. I’ve been busy this week so wasn’t able to get to Tier1 on Monday. I finally had time today, Wednesday, but without the potential pet gnomes it’s a waste so I’m not bothering.

Recently there was a post asking the devs to remove pet weekend from gnome weekend because of that issue. The devs did (yay thank you!), but it highlighted how this is a problem in general.

Here’s some ideas on how this may be solved. Anyone want to add their thoughts, either adding on to these or other ideas?

  • Whenever there’s a 24 hour pet rescue and someone kills a pet gnome, override the 24 hour pet rescue with the 1 hour pet rescue. After the hour, revert back to the 24 hour rescue.

  • Have the 24 hour pet rescue separate from the 1 hour pet rescue. You know how with the recently updated gnome vault, you can choose either the regular vault or the epic vault? Same concept, but with 24 hour and 1 hour pet rescue.

  • When someone kills a pet gnome, they get a key that can trigger a pet rescue any time they want. Works like a gnome bait in that if one is already running, it won’t do anything. Would allow others to kill their own gnomes while a pet rescue is running instead of sitting there. However, you’d be limited to one pet key at a time (again, like gnome bait).


Personally, I prefer option 3. The reasoning being that anything that blocks content is annoying (i.e. pet rescues during gnome weekends block the gnome counter).

Also, option 3 is mostly coded into the game already. A pet bait triggers a pet gnome that can’t escape which then triggers a pet rescue. If a pet rescue is already triggered, the pet bait you have will not be used. A player cannot have multiple pet baits (technically it’s used automatically but still).

So killing a pet gnome would:

  • If no pet rescue is active, trigger 1h pet rescue as expected.
  • If any pet rescue is active, add gnome bait/gnome key to player’s inventory, which they could either trigger at any time or it would trigger like gnome baits on the next pvp/arena battle.

Not trying to be over critical here, but option #3 is totally counter to the OP argument of “can’t trigger a PVP/Arena pet rescue when there is a 24 hour pet rescue”. #3 doesn’t help the issue at hand; it still wouldn’t apply until 24hr rescue is bye-bye.

Don’t get me wrong, I like #3 best, but it doesn’t “fix” the problem the OP is having an issue with.

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It fixes the issue of a wasted pet gnome which is sufficient. I dont mind having the pet rescue postponed, I just do not want to do PvP without any possibility of triggering a pet rescue ever.


I agree that it won’t actually trigger anything during that time. But it also seems like the least effort for devs since they wouldn’t have to do anything about the current weekly schedule.

However, if we have another pet rescue during vault/arena weekend (like the one we barely avoided last week), then option #3 would still be less than ideal. Even so, everyone in the guild could accumulate one of these “pet keys/gnome baits” during the 24 event and then could trigger the (possibly) 30 pet rescues at their leisure the following day or during the next week.

Again, might not be the best solution, but easiest for devs due to pre-existing behavior/functionalities.

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!00% agree. I’m all for peeps being able to trigger a PG, via “bait”. #3 would definitely address that need.

I misread the OPs intention for #3 in their post. I was understanding the post as being: “I want to be able to trigger a separate PR on Wednesday or the special Saturday 24hr pet rescue days.” Reading it this way makes #3 null and void.

You know us old farts! Getting into one way of thinking is never ideal :crazy_face:


This is precisely why this will probably never happen. It breaks the pet-economy’s bottleneck.

Wasted pet gnomes is baked-in as a feature. Devs want ascending pets to be difficult, and to take a lot of time.

Helping players accelerate isn’t in line with their design.

With one potential caveat, as far as I can argue: as the pet pool grows, so too does the difficulty to ascend any respective pet added, or yet to be maxed. To account for this, I could see the devs making Wednesdays open up trigger-able pets, but only because that would be the bare minimum they could do to make players trigger more pets over time than they already do.

This could be fixed by adding more pets so it still takes the same amount of time to ascend them all.

No one should purposely avoid a game feature (PvP on Wednesday) due to a limitation of another feature. The feeling of progress is important.

…you mean like they already do?

I feel like maybe you didn’t read my last paragraph, either…

But basically, my point stands: devs designed pets intentionally to only be trigger-able 144 times a week. Increasing that to 168 would not be in line with their intent unless they decide that enough time has passed — that the pool is large enough now — to merit it.

As far as avoiding PvP on Wednesday — devs would probably easily counter that you’re getting other things. Your Tier I rewards, for instance; there’s less reward on a Wednesday, but not to the degree that makes actively avoiding the mode necessary or profitable. As an analogy, consider the Underworld during a gnome weekend — generally wise to “park” the sigils in 9 respective empty delves, to play later, than to do 72-ish fights that can’t trigger gnomes, BUT, barring that possibility if one did not plan ahead well enough, it is still better for a person not to let those 9 sigils go to waste if s/he wants to progress them and get renown.

(And I’ll also add that I’m not defending the stingy design, here, only explaining why its current existence is not an oversight but a purposeful result — as a player, I’d also like pets to be less of a bottleneck, though I’d achieve this by not only allowing two simultaneous rescues on Wednesday, but rather by allowing all triggers to count across a guild and/or limit triggers to pets currently unowned by the triggering player and/or any number of other good suggestions people have posted on here to “fix” the pet system over the years :joy:)


I really like your novel suggestions! Your first one is quite interesting:

My loose understanding of the purpose of the Wednesday pet rescue is to allow players who aren’t in particularly active guilds to still be able to collect various pets, over time.

If there were constant pet gnomes being killed throughout the day, it might prevent someone from participating in the 24h rescue – but I’d argue that the point at which this becomes an issue is probably the point at which a player doesn’t need the Wednesday pet rescue, anyway.

The Ux/UI idiea for your second suggestion is new, as well, even if the not the idea. If it could work, I’d be up for it.

I probably agree with Magnasimus re: #3 ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I’d go for it, but it seems unlikely the devs would.

I read the “trigger unmaxed pets” threads and that is a great idea too. But I disagree with the “baked-in” difficulty.

Assuming a guild is crazy/active/lucky enough to always have a pet rescue running, so the 144 rescues you mentioned. Assuming the guild plans to avoid triggering 8 hours out of every day, yielding 96 rescues instead. There are currently 102 non-faction/non-exclusive pets, and you need 31 of each for mythic, so 3162 total pets. At a conservative average of 1.5 every rescue, you would need 2000+ rescues, or 22 weeks if you’re incredibly lucky and there are no repeat rescues. Again, this requires your guild to concatenate 16 pet rescues every day for 22 weeks and not repeat any pet.

Since repeats are common (assuming they don’t follow your idea) and pet gnomes are rare enough that you’re not triggering one every hour for 16 hours every day for a week, you’re going to take much longer to max your pets. So I don’t think that wasted pet gnomes are baked in. But I agree that it is difficult to max all pets with current system.

I think another option, that would be possible:
after hitting an insane number of pets in pool, dev will change spawn mechanics and players will be able only to spawn any non-mythic non-cosmetic non-faction pets they own

so player would spawn only those, who aren’t maxed for him - but other players would get exact same pet event, which… they already have maxed

It won’t solve the issue of 24hrs pet events, but it will greatly increase the chances of getting pet event you need. Especialy when having almost full collection maxed. I’m still very early in this process (only few upgraded to mythic), but can see how it will become more and more difficult to lvl up last few ones…(especialy with new ones showing up every now and than)

Yes yes yes please.

I like all or any of your suggestions.

I completely avoid doing pvp on Wednesdays and Saturdays when where are these 24 hour long pet rescues. I get so annoyed meeting a pet gnome, when I can’t trigger a pet rescue - the 1 or 2 white pet food reward doesn’t make up for the wasted 1 hour pet rescue for the guild.
It takes way too long time to get enough copies af a pet as it is.
And I still feel like the devs lowered the chance of a pet gnome appearing - I have never seen so few pet gnomes the last maybe 2 months - or my account has been cursed.


Each time, new gnome is added, it decreses the chance of pet gnome showing up. Last gnome added was Daemon Gnome, and you should get decreased rate of pet gnomes showing up since than.
But since it’s RNG, you might have been lucky between Daemon Gnome showing up and last 2 months and encoutered increased number of pet gnomes, and now your luck might have gone down, so you’re getting less than average.
That’s what might make you feel it’s decresed.
I myself find it kind of absurd, that last gnome weekend i got 3 pet gnomes in a row, while doing 2 arena runs (like what? 12-14 battles total, if i didn’t lose 2 battles during those runs). Definately didn’t see that planety of pet gnomes earlier… (i know gnome weekends increase chances of gnomes showing up by a lot, but still…)

Thank you for that possible explanation.
And yes the chance is lower now, if all gnomes have an equal chance of spawning in pvp/arena sure.
But I don’t think the extra gnome can be the complete answer. I used to be able to trigger at least 2, often more, pet gnomes a week. Possibly after the Deamon Gnome came, as you say - for 3 or 4 weeks in a row, I didn’t even see 1 single pet gnome. We talked about it my guild - we were all wondering where the pet gnomes were.
And I know lots of players have had the same experience.
Now I trigger maximum 1 pet rescue a week - not counting arena weekend. But I havn’t done the calculations, but it seems the extra gnome can’t cause that decrease.

And no I havn’t had a Deamon Gnome spawning instead - I think I have seen the Deamon Gnome 3 or 4 times.
After 3 years I still havn’t seen a pet gnome in arena lol.

i’ve seen 3, on same day, within less than 30 minutes, it was vault weekend though, so chances for gnomes were super high (had 7 any type gnomes apper in those 3 arena runs → 7 gnomes in like 18 - 20 battles), compared to everyday chances…

I used to count my pet gnomes every week. Most of times i’d spawn 3-4 week (not counting vault weekends when it usualy rains pet gnomes and there’s a queue in our guild for releasing next one). I recall 1 week when rates were terrible, and i saw 1 pet gnome during that week, but that’s all. Most of time i get those 3-4. A bit more if i play more, a bit less if i dont have time to play.

Well in that case; if you aren’t playing more to meet the same amount of Pet Gnomes now and I don’t play less, which could have been the obvious reason - then there is the explanation, that my account is cursed :thinking::roll_eyes::wink::joy:

Bumping this because I am done events today and want to hunt pets. Whoops, I can’t, because it is Wednesday.

@Saltypatra, can we pass on to allow pet hunting on Wednesday? Wednesday pet rescue removes the ability to find pets in PvP. :pray:


Yes, please.

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Love the idea, especially the 2nd!
Option 1 is not good, cause if somebody haven’t completed the pet rescue by the time when only one hour left till reset they would locked out of the weekly pet rescue event.
Option 3 is a bit complicated.

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