Implement the Pet Selection Screen to choose from

I am requesting an extended feature of the current Pet Event screen.

After you finish a battle where you killed a Green Gnome, you would get a pop-up screen instead of a randomly generated pet. If you select any other generated pet that the one in the middle, you can do so freely. This will mostly eliminate the issue of getting pets that you don’t want or need.

The screen would have three options to choose from.
Of course, you can choose only one for the duration of the Pet Event, which is one hour.
The Pet screen (interface) would just need to be expanded.
It would have two additional pets that you can select from.

Option 1: (recommended)

  • The one on the left would be the first pet of the same color or Kingdom.
  • The middle option would be a default given pet.
  • The one on the right would be the last pet of the same color or Kingdom.

There should be no cost if you would select any other pet than one in the middle.
The selection of the 1st or 3rd pet is free of charge as well as is the 2nd pet that is given by default.

Option 2:

  • Same as above, but with a fixed cost of 50 Gems.
  • Only selecting a default middle pet is free of charge as offered in the Pet Selection screen.
    Selecting a pet in the left or right would cost 50 Gems for the selected pet.

Kind regards,
Koromac [Mean Machine]

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Sure would be nice if pet rescues could stack AND players could choose which pet to rescue. Getting 2 pets to level 2 is quite a challenge.

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