Pet choice during pet rescue

One issue with Pet is that there will be more and more of them, and so it will be more and more difficult to catch one that we don’t have maxed :japanese_goblin: .

So here the idea: propose 3 choices a la Arena.

For that, the Pet rescue should be changed from Rescue Pet X (ex. Rescue Auraio) to Rescue X color Pet (ex. Rescue a Green Pet).
So when a guildie gets a Pet Gnome and kill him, the guild gets a Rescue Event where they can choose which pet from 3 choices they want to rescue.
One very optimistic player could hope that the choices will be only the Pets that she/he has not yet maxed, but it seems too great to be added like that :slight_smile: .


Great suggestion! I’m currently skipping 90% of the rescues since I have them maxed already, I would be really happy if this were implemented

Good idea.
Im stuck on repeats as well

Or as another option
Whoever triggers the pet gets one that he/she still needs


Wishful thinking. I mean, I totally want this, I just don’t see it happening.

Code constraints + difficulty + publishers want that gem price tag to stick out whenever the event happens on a pet we need more of.

I just found this thread.

However, I have created my own here:

Great suggestion and worth a bump. :+1:
Even have the option to choose between two pets would be awesome.