Pet Rescue Multi Team Slots

Would love to save 2 or maybe 3 different Teams for quick pick & access when playing Rescues.


I still think pet rescue would be better served not having its own “special slot” at all and just allow selecting from my normal team list for just quick access to a bunch of teams. The quickest workaround is to simply copy one of your normal team codes and paste it into pet rescue. If you are on PC, you can even archive a bunch of codes in a separate document and just putting a code on your clipboard is enough to allow you to paste it directly into the game.


Either option would be better then the way it currently works. The only pet rescue specific team I have is against goblins, all other teams I could happily select from my normal team list.

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I think this thread very quickly shows a problem both with scaling content and the gap between “new” and “old” players.

There are some teams that obliterate all pet rescues. That’s why, for an old player, having one team slot per color/event is a bother. This is a problem with scaling content. The weapons people are so glad to scream shouldn’t be nerfed are so powerful they take away elements of strategy. Not nerfing the weapons makes the game easier.

Removing those teams (by being new) means you have to use strategy. Gob-Chomper is suddenly viable vs. one team, and there are a handful of other situational teams. So for this scenario, having a couple of alternates on hand is useful.

I feel like the latter is more in line with what the devs wanted. But then when anyone suggests the too-powerful weapons are the problem, the cry is “YOU JUST WANT TO WIN 100%”. That’s clearly not what “I’m tired of only ever using one team for every mode” means.

But I already posted this some time ago: