Please remember my pet rescue team

Not sure if it’s by design but I can never expect my last-used team set-up to be preselected when starting a pet rescue. It lists an old set-up used a month ago perhaps, so I have to spend minutes tracking down my favourite combo again. Why can’t we just use our team slots in pet rescue?


There are 6 different pet rescues, and the teams are set, and remembered, for each one individually.


So a rescue team is pet-specific?

Color specific.
The game remembers last team you used to rescue pet of a certain color (no matter what the actual pet was) and automatically loads it next time you start the same color rescue.


Why can’t you pick your team in a pet rescue from your saved teams?

Cuz it’s dumb, that’s why :(.

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Technically, most likely because pet rescue is an “event” (in code) and an “event” comes with it’s own team slot. So because you can’t select a team from your saved teams for a delve or raid boss or world event, you also can’t select it for a pet rescue.

Just an educated guess from a software dev who’s never worked on GoW but has to explain “dumb” software to people on a daily basis :slight_smile:


This is pretty smart and reasonabe explanation.
Thumbs up :wink:

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Thanks for the explanation. Can they not change that or do they just choose not to?

I don’t think, there’s a need for a change. You have six enemy teams, that you can fit your attack team to, and your team gets saved for this constellation. Do it once, don’t worry about it again (unless you want to level for class experience or get something better).
And to get one of your standard teams, the import feature still works fine.

I gotta disagree with you. If you want to change anything it requires going through a lot of menus and it’s just really clunky. Streamlining things for a better experience is always a good thing.