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Rebuilding Pet Team Every Time

When pets first appeared, I built my team and did the rescues. Then, later on when another rescue started, I wanted to make a different team and did so. But, now every time there’s a pet rescue, it always has that first team preselected and I have to rebuild it every single time. It’s kind of annoying, tbh. It should just bring up whatever the last team I played as.
And I’m on Xbox if that helps any.

The game has at least 7 unique “team slots” for pet teams. Every color has one slot, and “this week’s event” gets a new slot every week.

So once you’ve participated in a pet rescue of every color, the periodic rescues should all remember your teams. However, during the 24-hour pet rescue, it’s so much fun to rebuild your Divines team again you have to do it each time. Telemetry indicates there’s high participation in “building a team” therefore players love it.