Pet Rescue Questions

The big question is this … why do random former teams show up as my initial team when I do Pet Rescue, even if I’ve changed them recently? And why does winning Pet Rescue battles gain XP for my Deathknight class, no matter what class I’m actually using? :stuck_out_tongue:

There are six colors of pets, so there are six team builds you have to update to a new build. They’re saving one by one depending on the color of a pet. Next time you get a same colored pet your new team will be there instead of the old one.
Same goes for hero class, you have to manually select it for all six teams.


Hmmm … so if I have one class I like to go back to while I level up the others, I should pick that for those battles.

The problem is that if I change them JUST for the Pet Rescue for that team … I’m stuck using it for the rest of the day or out 50 Gems. :confused:

Are you playing on Nintendo? That might be some weird issue specific to that version of the game, since every other platform has free class changes and setting a class is done trough the edit team menu.

Pinging the devs, they might have an idea about that problem / fix
@Saltypatra @Kafka @Cyrup @Ozball

Yeah, I’m playing on the Switch.

Man … it seems like every problem I face with this game just seems to be due to the fact that the Switch version is WAY behind every other version. :confused: