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Allow us to use standard teams for pet rescue

Why do we need to create team for pet rescue every time? It would only make sense if there were restrictions like in Siege on Raid Boss, but there are none in pet rescue.
Just let me use my standard teams.


You don’t create a new team every time. You have 6 pet event slots, one for each color enemy. And they do save.


Yes, it would be better to add 6 more team slots into the common team list and allow to choose a team from it.

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Thanks UKresistance, I understand now.

I would also really appreciate The Pet Rescues to use normal team slots.

Pet rescues are not restricted to specific troops and it just means you need to go to the extra effort to recreate your favorite team for the event, which seems superfluous.

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It was mildly annoying the first six times. I think there are more important things they should be fixing or changing. Lots of them…

Easy fix would be to let us use all the team we got like pvp

I know your team save between pet color but the team you see in the 8 battle are not the same and it would be nice to switch quickly between all the team we got in pvp

Sometime i know a more appropriate team would be better to finish the 8th battle but i keep taking chances with the team i got cause changing team everytime is annoying


I would love to be able to use my explore team for the first 2-3 battles then switch to a more serious team for the final 5-6 but its to much of a pain to rebuild the teams.