Allow Choose Team in Pet Rescue

Hi, Is it possible to add team slot in Pet rescue, like other battle?

Everytime I have to manually edit team if want to use different troop.

And why this feature is not implemented in Pet rescue in the fist place? Seems a pretty default setup.



I would also like to see this feature, but I believe the current set-up for the pet events is that it remembers the last team you utilized either against the last “boss” you fought for the pet event, or for each individual pet itself. I’m not sure which way it is, but I know I’ve had different team set-ups automatically plugged in for many of the pet events I’ve participated in. As I said, I don’t know if it plugs in the last team you used based on the Legendary you fought last, or the pet itself.

So, basically, when it is a goblin enemy pet event, it automatically plugs in my Gob-Eater team. And when it’s some of the other teams it plugs in my All Goblin team, or my Justice League for some of the others. I never have to change them, because they’re already put in.

There are six storage slots for Pet event teams - one for each colour pet - it remembers the team thus based on colour.

Oddly it resets to an empty team for the full day pet events we get once a week. Annoying.

+1 to the request to just have access to our usual list of teams here.


This is exactly the behavior we see with Raid, Invasion, and Bounty events, no? At the start of each event we get a fresh team slot set to the Broken Spire banner. The difference with pet events is that we want the team to be remembered across instances of pet rescue events.

I think we probably want it to be remembered for Bounties as well? There’ll be one new troop to slot in but I suspect the rest of my team may be little-changed.

For the last bounty, my ideal team changed dramatically from the traditional “Gorgotha + Infernus + literally anything”. Not to mention the fact that I change my teams at least once during the event as the AI gets too hard for a 4-bountyhunter team, then (maybe) too hard for a 3-bountyhunter team. If I need to reset the team from “Gorgotha + Infernus + literally anything” at the start of the event anyway, might as well get a totally blank team slot to do it in.

Over two years later and this hasn’t changed. It’s honestly the main reason I skip a lot of Pet Rescues, because I could be halfway through it in the time it takes me to change out the whole team every single time.

Can we finally address this?

If the team you have pre-loaded works, why would you have to swap it at all?

Just make a universally viable team: skull spam, Beetrix/Gobtruffle loops, Zuul…any number of things, depending on your ultimate goals.

(If you just want to go fast, try doomed crossbow, euryali [or your best source of true damage that is blue, if you don’t have her], daughter of ice, drowned sailor)

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I don’t know how it was before, but my yeams are remembered for each of the 6 enemies in pet rescue and in the 1 day long pet rescue too.
I set up the standard sk team for every pet reacue, and just switch classes.
Sadly after the sk nerf the team slowed down a bit.
However I would love this feature!

The optimal team in stages 1 thru 6 is different than 7 and 8 …


I asked about this in a stream last year. The devs said no. They also seemed confused why anyone would want it.

I would love it though so I could swap teams between the easier and harder fights.


Protip: The Phoenicia team can do a pet rescue in under 3 minutes. Just need to cast her twice on battles 7 and 8.

For battles 7 and 8 it’s faster to fill her up by matching gems for the first cast and use Leprechaun for filling the second cast.


The pet rescue battles are essentially six bonus team slots. Since you don’t need to spend your normal team slots on those battles, I can see why the devs treat this setup as a bonus. As a player, though, I get why having a single fixed team for each pet battle color is so limiting. I don’t know how to balance the two viewpoints.

While having 6 extra team slots sounds nice in theory, in practice I don’t think many would use a unique specific pet rescue team. In other words the extra team slots end up being doubles of teams already saved in the regular team slots. Seeing as how we are unlimited with troop choice in pet rescues I don’t see why we can’t just choose from our regular team slots same as pvp.

Don’t balance, give us what we want. Remove the “bonus” team slots and give us 1-2 more regular team slots or 0 I don’t care I just want to use my teams. Especially when I have a very short time to complete the pet rescue I would use one of my fast and strong teams to complete it, and thus sacrificing the chance for double class xps for my currently leveled class.


As an option to cut and paste entire teams exists, is this really where the devs should be investing their limited resources?

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It would be better investment than shrines and warband.
Copying teams is difficult to pet rescue, since you don’t reach your teams. So you go to your teams, post them in guild chat, go to pet rescue and paste the team. When you have 10 minutes only it is not a viable option, but if you have a team which can complete a pet rescue in 5 mins I would love to see that.


I used to do all 8 battles under 10 minutes with SK team. Not sure how much slower it will be, with P&P on board, but it shouldn’t take more than 12-14minutes.

Try this:
Egg thief
Plunder and Peril on thief/corsair
Trident Banner (+2 blue +1 green)

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After the 2nd or 3rd time I got caught with my pants down and not enough time to switch/compose team to finish a rescue, I decided to sacrifice class XP.
Now all my 6 colours are set to Beetrix/Beetrix/Malcandessa/Moonsinger. 3 minutes more or less each time. I can always farm class XP when time suits.

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No reason to paste to any chat location. Go the team you wish to copy, select the team share code (string of numbers at the bottom.) Enter the pet event team and paste it.