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Allow Choose Team in Pet Rescue

Hi, Is it possible to add team slot in Pet rescue, like other battle?

Everytime I have to manually edit team if want to use different troop.

And why this feature is not implemented in Pet rescue in the fist place? Seems a pretty default setup.


I would also like to see this feature, but I believe the current set-up for the pet events is that it remembers the last team you utilized either against the last “boss” you fought for the pet event, or for each individual pet itself. I’m not sure which way it is, but I know I’ve had different team set-ups automatically plugged in for many of the pet events I’ve participated in. As I said, I don’t know if it plugs in the last team you used based on the Legendary you fought last, or the pet itself.

So, basically, when it is a goblin enemy pet event, it automatically plugs in my Gob-Eater team. And when it’s some of the other teams it plugs in my All Goblin team, or my Justice League for some of the others. I never have to change them, because they’re already put in.

There are six storage slots for Pet event teams - one for each colour pet - it remembers the team thus based on colour.

Oddly it resets to an empty team for the full day pet events we get once a week. Annoying.

+1 to the request to just have access to our usual list of teams here.


This is exactly the behavior we see with Raid, Invasion, and Bounty events, no? At the start of each event we get a fresh team slot set to the Broken Spire banner. The difference with pet events is that we want the team to be remembered across instances of pet rescue events.

I think we probably want it to be remembered for Bounties as well? There’ll be one new troop to slot in but I suspect the rest of my team may be little-changed.

For the last bounty, my ideal team changed dramatically from the traditional “Gorgotha + Infernus + literally anything”. Not to mention the fact that I change my teams at least once during the event as the AI gets too hard for a 4-bountyhunter team, then (maybe) too hard for a 3-bountyhunter team. If I need to reset the team from “Gorgotha + Infernus + literally anything” at the start of the event anyway, might as well get a totally blank team slot to do it in.