Pet Teams - Let us choose from 'Troops & Teams"

It would be so much better if, when doing pet battles, we could simply select a team from our existing group sets of “Troops & Teams”. There’s no reason it should function like a special event since pet teams have no restrictions like the special events do. I’d love to be able to quickly go to one team for the lower level fights and another for the higher level fights without having to rebuild the team, class, and banner each time.

Not to mention the fact that my pet teams keep randomly reverting back to old teams from weeks ago. This would fix both issues.


Incase you didn’t know your team will show the last team for that battle set. So if you used team A for the 8 Goblin battle set you will see that same team the next ‘goblin’ pet you fight.


I’d still prefer it the other way, where we can just quickly choose one of our teams. Because at this point the level of the troops is way more important to which team is ideal. None of the pet battles are so challenging that I need to optimize against a mechanic. But I didn’t know why it was doing that so thank you for solving a mystery that had been bugging me for awhile!