New Pet rescue plan

Why dont you have a pet week or pet month, that the pets change every hour. To have a chance to get different pets. For instance you put out little freedom about 3 or 4 years ago, and have not seen him again since.


A Cosmetic Pet Hunt event day.
On every 4 or 5 weeks, a day where there is an increase chance to encounter a special pet Gnome for Cosmetic Pet.
Just throw in an idea :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


Too much activity requirement. Way too much. Bad idea.

Past event pet saturdays won’t be coming back. But maybe a guaranteed specific event pet to be caught from pet gnomes on one day a week (similar to guaranteed mythic drops) would be an acceptable middle ground.


I like the idea. Like every Wednesdays, 1 cosmetic pet every hour. :partying_face:


I would like to see a dedicated week, say every 3 months, where only cosmetic pets are in the drop pool. Be easier for the devs to implement i would think.


cosmetic re-run pet rescue saturdays on a regular weekly basis.

Easy to implement since cosmetic re-run pet rescue saturdays have already happened in the past many times. Just implement it fully.
All my cosmetic pets are fully maxed. I won’t profit off of it.


The idea is a great, but the developers made Gnome-a-Palooza in the Soul forge where you craft the Gnome-a-Palooza with 1-4 Verses, and four Gnomes was made to drop the Verses. It would be nice if we could craft the Verses in the Soul forge. But we get a event that we can find the Gnomes that drop Verses. So i honestly think the developers thought of everything so far. I hope they add a way to forge Verses in the future. But that Gnome-a-Palooza last either 14 or 15 minutes and makes four random gnomes appear in every battle we fight in except the arena.

What do have cosmetic pets to do with gnome-a-palooza? You are in the wrong topic.

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The problem is we have over 180 pets , so we need something in place to try and level pets up, we get a new pet for a holiday and then we dont see it again.

Which is exactly what i suggested, a dedicated week at set interval, where only cosmetic pets are in the drop pool

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I wouldn’t be against cosmetic pets appearing as rewards for Gnome Vault runs as well as some of the suggestions above. There are so many to get to Mythic that i’d be happy for them to be added to the prize pool.

Another option would be to allow us to ascend pets using Orbs of Ascension or via some blueprint through the Soulforge.

As a long term GoW player I’d be happy with either of those options.

The big problem is, that devs seemingly don’t care about (old) cosmetic pets one bit.
I don’t know why exactly that is, because normally I would say there’s definitely demand from people to get the remaining cosmetic pets they don’t have (mythic) yet. So, in general this means people would spend gems. Less gems could result in some people buying gems in the shop.

I’m not a big fan of devalueing this completely. Would be unfair to everyone that ever played many matches to get their pet(s) to mythic, or did exchange with gems to get more copies. No, sorry, “orbing pets to max” is a no go lowball… Everyone can put in the work to max their pets. The problem still is they need to return at some point - which basically won’t happen for years with certain cosmetic pets.
I posted one possible solution in the thread already, easily doable →

→ but another option would be to implement a “cosmetic pet gnome” into the game, basically same features as the normal pet gnome. You could even make this cosmetic pet gnome exclusive to arena, or even treasure hunt (%age chance to unlock a cosmetic pet per “safe/vault”). This would solve several problems and would valorize such sad gameplay parts of the game massively…

How about a special chest and keys for cosmetic pets? That way you have a chance of getting a pet to mythic to help level up your kingdoms. Granted, there are a lot of cosmetic pets, but at least you’d have a chance to level them up.

Yes but you are one of very very few players who has a huge gem stash or cash to buy the required gems needed to max cosmetic pets. Now that we have legends, kingdom power is nowhere near as restricted (blocked) because of the 4 additional pets per kingdom. Yes, only one is ‘free’ but 2 of the others can be maxed without cash outlay; but with gems. I don’t see any importance in cosmetic pets at all thanks to these changes so weekend pet event for cosmetics is not something I personally want. I would much rather have an extra doom event so we can grind the resources (weapon scrolls) that EVERYONE benefits from.

It is out of question that f.e. another tod event (without releasing a new weapon in the process ^^) would be more frutiful for (most of) the players than having a cometic pet saturday re-run. Not the topic though. I personally wouldn’t even need it, my cosmetics are maxed.

Sadly “no” to both. I’m down to 13k gems left only atm. I never bought gems with cash and don’t see this actually happening in the future - even with the first time buy bonus you’re offered if buying gems. Still a completely overpriced deal. I have to collect a few more hourly tributes in the future.

I’d rather prefer the cosmetic pets to be removed completely or get changed to be assigned on a specific troop (like the new pets currently). Those cosmetics are nice to look at sometimes but except for power level pretty useless (and that has the cunclusion that you need the other pets later on anyways or get stucked on a usefull pet at low rarity coz you wont get pet offerings anymore at one certain point).

I’ve never been close to 13k gems ever lol; at best half that. The range in resources players may have in this game is colossal. Good on 'ya.

The range definitely is very far. Overall it depends on how long someone already played this game and if it was played with some structure. Never buy more tiers than need for anything, always stay in a guild that manages to finish all rewards. Collect hourly tributes as often as possible without annyoing yourself for doing so. If you played consistently and active to some extent without leaving the game at some point you obviously have way more resources and didn’t miss much.
I pity players starting with the game now. Even with the vault/gap combo you can’t catch up quickly with certain things (writs, deeds, bookies, forge scrolls, (old) cosmetic pets - just to name a few things). This is for obvious reasons a bit sad, but on the other side long-time players have stayed loyal to the game for years and worked hard and consistently towards certain points they’re at now. Newcomers shouldn’t be able to catch up too quickly - if at all. I really don’t know how this can be handled best to suit newcomers way better than right now, but not hand out everything as gifts for free.
My max gems was around 40-50k I don’t know anymore. I don’t know about it currently, but I’ve seen at least two players above 100k gems. Obviously if I had never invested into cosmetic pets my gem count would also be far above 100k gems or all my remaining tower of doom weapons would be fully maxed. So you see, clearly I didn’t prioritized well by investing in all cosmetic pets. But, might just continue until my remaining 13k gems are gone.

Depending on if the prices they serve us get more reasonable than 80$ for a new pet to buy I might not stay with this game anyway. I’m sure someone bought the pet to mythic, and I would’ve too for a reasonable price. But this is getting completely out of hand.

Sorry for all the offtopic.

What would also be a cool way: making a rotation in the soulforge consisting of cosmetic pets to be crafted in exchange for reasonable values (gems). Like this everyone would be able to collect or max out their pets like they see fit. Or not. :slight_smile: But I mean there’s a weekly rotation for mythics to be crafted - so, why not do the same in some fair form for pets too. Because only one pet per week that ruins and blocks a whole wednesday we have nothing. And especially nothing for (old) cosmetic pets. It actually is a bit sad.


I like the soulforge idea, available pets could be tied to the kingdom of the week like weapons. So you can craft whau you need.


At one point ascending troops came only from extra copies and gifted troops from the devs were a bit of a hassle to make mythic.

So if orbs can become a thing for troops, then orbs can be a thing for pets too. May suck short term for resource investment, but long term, it’ll be more healthy for the system and easier on the players. It’ll let the devs release more pets without having to worry about making it practical to make mythic. Solves a majority of the cosmetic pet issue as well (missing it in the first place though is a different circumstance)