Dawnbringer unbalances Arena


Hmm, lemme try to remember.
The first and only thing I purchased in “early game” was the weapon bundle with Sun and Moon. Then I didn’t buy anything for a long time. I started playing August 21st, and bought Sun and Moon on September 5th. I then wanted to save up for Deathknight in November, but the new UI happened and I didn’t. I bought Deathknight at the end of November, after the hotfix, and was around level 800 then.
Then there was the Leonis week and I spent a LOT to get Khorvash and also get him to mythic right away (bought the legendary bundle twice). Afterwards, I also bought the Growth Pack for a mythic (yay, Stonehammer…) since being around level 1000 and having none was sad. And ever since then, I only buy the weekly weapon pack and sometimes bought the Soulforge pack on Sundays.

I’m now at VIP 6, 300/500 to VIP 7. So 270 bucks spent on the game. Given how the Sun and Moon bundle was like… 30 bucks, I think, I can say that I spent only those before reaching level 800+. And the big spending happened after that, several months into the game.

Then again, I doubt I can be considered a “big spender”. Wish there would be more stuff to spend my money on that would be worth it. Also I would pay a crapload to turn the particles off and make the board non-transparent…


It’s not an issue that requires working on. It’s a simple one or two database commands to filter out heroes with weapon id=dawnbringer.


I’m sure I saw something about them not doing that because it would cause other implications such as Runic Blade becoming a problem if DB was removed.
Rather than shift the issue from one weapon to another they want to eradicate the problem entirely.

This goes back to the issue of them not playing their own game enough unfortunately. No other weapon in Arena was a problem before DB so logic dictates they won’t become a problem after it either.


I am VIP lvl 8, i have spent more money on this game than any other FTP game.

I dont expect them to fix it because i am complaining, i expect them to fix it because many are complaining.

My problem is, i do not complain constructively sometimes. Also, when someone in a forum specifically call me out, i react.


Let’s not be too, too presumptuous, “just a simple fix” is where I’ve made my worst bugs.

I’m happier with “we’re making sure we like the fix and considering what the most fun thing might be” than “let’s pretend it’s not an issue.” That’s putting some extra words in Salty’s mouth but sometimes I’m an optimist.


Yeah, I’m gonna be totally presumptuous on this as I’ve been for months, and I’ve never heard a dev counter claim.

They want to fix some “greater” problem that require a lot of thinking and research instead of just filtering out dawnbringer.

How hard is filtering out hero-weapon !=dawnbringer? Ridiculously easy, devs just need to be motivated enough to fix this now.


I’m being professional rather than a player, here.

I can think of pages of reasons why a simple fix is either scary, or could spawn several days worth of extra work, including the QA that no one wants them to skip. I am happy to move from “no acknowledgement” to “we’re thinking about it”.

The last thing I want is for them to try a hasty fix, cause more problems, then dismiss the whole thing as “harder than it looks”.


From my summary of the last Q&A:

I also remember them saying that the person meant to work on the issue had been changed to a more urgent bug fix prior to the Q&A. No clue if they have gone back to working on this by now.

Also there was the information that unless a longterm fix would be found, no more weapons like Dawnbringer would be added. I forgot if that meant Soulforge weapons in general or only mythic weapons like Dawnbringer.

Also yes, apparently the devs had gotten complains about Runic Blade before DB existed.


‘Ridicously easy’ is also how DB smashes in one sweep to eliminate an entire player team on so called normal setting in the arena. Nothing balanced about DB as a defence option. Nothing reasonable about repeatedly confronting it; even four or five times in a row. Consisently over difficult to beat and requires the game gods on your side and if they are not its a smashing, pulverizing and demoralizing one hit exit and the same in the following match up. DB makes the arena reek. Fix it.


Remove db from arena defense and offense and then offer refund for db

Problem solved


I don’t understand all this “removing DB would shift the problem down to Runic Blade”.

Runic Blade has been around since forever and no one had a problem with it.


There was a lot of discussion concerning Runic Blade before Dawn Bringer was introduced.


And when the next all powerful weapon is created the discussion will continue . . . . . :wink:


Looking back, true :frowning:
Still there’s a difference on how the two weapons work that’s important in Arena more than in PVP or Explore.


Saying there was a lot of discussion is a bit excessive don’t you think? There were a few threads created which didn’t go on for more than 50 comments.
In comparison to this thread which is already over 400.

Maybe we were all a bit too preemptive in saying no one had a problem with Runic Blade. But looking back at past threads there really should be no comparison.

One thread about RB even shifts it’s focus onto how ridiculous DB is.


That’s never stopped them before. Bone Dragon was a problem so they nerfed it and then it was Psion/Famine so they nerfed Famine and then it was Wisp so they nerfed that and then it became Forest Troll/Kraken so they nerfed Kraken and now I’m starting to see Infernus/Dawnbringer everwhere so Infernus will get nerfed in the next couple of months.

The main reason I can see that they will not band aid this problem is because Dawnbringer on defense slows down arena and slows us down getting resources.

The other reason I think they aren’t doing anything is because arena doesn’t bring in money. Why bother spending money for mythics and legendaries if all you do is arena and you can’t use them there.

I don’t think the devs even care about arena. Before the ui update we could see what the previous troops we chose were when picking but now we have can’t see anything. We can get event gems from killing things in PvP and explore and just by doing TH but never arena. We get bonus glory, gold and traitstones from using certain troops or teams in PvP but never bonus stuff for doing arena. When I asked about event gems and bonuses for arena Nimhain said it wasn’t even possible. And finally Dawnbringer was never even tested in arena.

I use to love arena I would do at least 30 runs a week but now after fighting Dawnbringer 4 times in a run I just rage quit and ignore it. I haven’t even touched arena in about a month.


I agree wholeheartedly with you.

I jump in occasionally because I miss the need for some sort of strategy which is missing from the rest of the game. But then DB appears and it’s game over.


The longest thread I found on Runic Blade had 39 replies and halfway through it turned into a Dawnbringer thread.


Which ended up with nothing being changed about Runic Blade. Is this a subtle way of telling us Dawnbringer will continue to receive the all talk, zero action treatment? I can’t help but notice that any time the topic is raised there hasn’t been any progress at all due to yet another more pressing issue that spontaneously showed up. :thinking:


Kafka was on xbox chat with, all talk and no action. ‘It’s not just a two minute fix, we need to consider the feelings of the community.’