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Dawnbringer in Arena

Hi, Long time player, first time poster!
I’m writing to express my sheer frustration with the Dawnbringer in Arena,

Arena is meant to be a fair level playing ground for all; no mythics, ever. But since the creation of mythic weapons like Dawnbringer, it makes Arena almost impossible sometimes.

I am tired of playing Arena, spending my gold to play it, only to be battled out by a stupid MYTHIC weapon. In no way ever are MYTHICS able to be used in the arena, so why is this weapon allowed?

In my guild, I’ve seen a massive drop-off of people playing Arena, simply because of the Dawnbringer.

It should not be allowed.
I’m not going to be surprised if people oppose this, those people are going to be the ones who use the weapon.

Come on Devs - allowing a mythic weapon in an Arena that doesn’t allow mythics?

DEVS - PLEASE can you ban MYTHIC weapons from Arena?

That is all.


First time I’ve heard about a dawnbreaker in Arena - this is a PG game right?

Dawnbringer on the other hand can be dfficult if you don’t have it yourself.

My super-bad, I did mean Dawnbringer LOL

Yes, I meant Dawnbringer >_<