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Dawnbringer unbalances Arena

The dawnbringer doesnt seem like much. It deals aoe damage and is in line or behind legendary troops. This is cool if it is used in pvp, explore, etc. However, it is not… it is being used by players who already have 1.5 million souls to burn, so that they can instant kill your entire team in arena.

And yes. 14 damage to everyone in the arena is a wipe, and its likely that their 10 damage, plus 2 for every yellow troop can get that high. Now add the barrier and its a complete loss. No matter how well a new player chose his troops, matched and played, he/she will take an arena loss and wont be able to advance.

Its really simple here. Lets not allow mythic weapons in the arena. Because in a few weeks, it will be a cesspool of Dawnbringer people with as many yellow troops as they could choose, just to troll anyone that wants to get souls. Im aware there is other ways to get souls, but why should that make it ok to ruin the arena?


What is this “arena” you speak of?ive never heard of it :sunglasses:


You underestimate the power of the weapon. Depending on the number of yellow troops, it can do 10-22 damage to each enemy troop in the arena.

Yes, I am using it in the arena as well as in pvp. It has nothing to do with trolling lower level players. It has everything to do with the ceaseless cascades in pvp, and the fact that I need gold, souls and trophies just as much as you do. Try not to take it personally.


help me understand something. people can set up arena defense team to make you miserable? or you don’t like other people use dawnbringer when they play arena?


But the irony is that ,we most of the old players hardly play the arena ,as the resource we could gain from it is too little,compared to the super cost nowdays. The arena almost turns into pure fun,but may be source of souls for the new .The battle between the young players eager for souls and those with millions to burn,couldn’t be fair sometimes,even in the arena nowdays,which is just kind of the imbalance .

I think the soulforge has made souls relevant for everybody again, even long-time players. If you have crafted Dawnbringer, that means you have already spent 1.3 million souls. That’s a ton of souls, and not easily replenished. Surely there will be other mythic weapons down the line, probably with a similar price tag. Even long-time players will probably have to make choices about which mythic weapons they will go after.

Using Dawnbringer in Arena is a good way to help those players who did spend so much build back up their supply of souls. I’m personally having an absolute blast with it. I would be extremely disappointed if they nerfed this weapon or made it unavailable in the Arena, when that is the exact reason I purchased it for. God forbid that were to happen, I would definitely expect an option for a refund of all my souls, including the extra 300,000 needed to craft the other parts/weapons within Dawnbringer itself.


I believe that the system takes a snapshot of an Arena team a player designs and then it randomly pops up for one or more other players.

I’ve come across 5 Dawnbringers in Arenas the past couple days, and 4 of them obliterated me. Ironically I found two each in two different Arena sets, so of course this caused me to fail those sets. The 5th time I got lucky with chain cascades and was able to take the enemy hero out.

These are only going to become more prevalent, and unless you’ve been playing since forever and have a ton of extra souls hoarded up you’re only ever going to be on the receiving end, like me. (I still need 950k or so souls to level troops.) Having yet another area of the game where you stand a high chance of getting steamrolled no matter what you do based on one card just plain sucks.

I don’t blame players for using it because it makes the runs faster, and we all do things that make our runs faster.

I do however think heroes using Dawnbringer should be blocked from coming up as an opponent for other players to face. Being able to hit the entire enemy team for significant amounts of damage (especially when stacking yellow troops) plus the party-wide barrier is wildly out of balance compared to the troops available for Arena.


i can agree to that. after all, arena in general use only up to epic rarity and level 15 (i think) unbuffed, so hero should use the same rule. arena is a huge gamble and a time waster if you lose, at least they could do is make them more appealing to play. otherwise, soul farming in explore will still be the better option in term of reliability and traitstone reward.


Yeah - my Pharos team on explore nets me more Souls per battle at a similar pace.

But Arena is fun, I like (depending what I draw, haha) the random troops and the trophies for the guild is nice too.

So, I play a bit of both.

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Not really much more so than Runic Blade.
I’m actually glad to see other weapons than Runic Blade in arena tbh…


While it is clearly the strongest weapon in arena, i don’t feel it is anywhere near to destroying Arena.
I still usually 8-x my runs with good drafts, with several Dawnbringers in the run.

But as i said before if people are hellbent on tackling this ‘issue’, rather ban it from Arena than get it nerfed for regular play.

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Dawnbringer can be defeated, but it is much too powerful for arena and completely unbalanced

That is the reason why there are already many Dawnbringers in arena and there are fast going to be more and more.

Dawnbringer has to be removed very fast from arena or it is going to kill it.

It is not about being able to counter it. It is about fun.

Arena has always been my favourite mode of playing in spite of its poor rewards.
PVP is boring with always the same meta. Arena was interesting because of its variety. We see always different troops and there is the challenge of doing the best with what troops we were given. And that was fun.
What is the fun in facing Dawnbringers again and again?
What is the point in keeping on playing GoW if the last part of fun disappears?


Ok, I could see the argument about variety… except that there is going to be the same (or sligthly more variety) with Dawnbringer.

First of all, variety in units. WIll be more or less the same. Might be a little more yellow units but one is not offered yellow units in every draft so whatever.

Second, variety in weapons. There was little variety already as almost everyone was running with Runic Blade so now you will get a choice of two overpowered weapons instead of one.

At the end of the day I can see the argument about changing arena to be more exciting, rewarding, unpredictable and all but seeing all the crap that is seriously impacting the game for all the players I think that fixing arena which is certainly not played by all(I do play it) seems to be an issue with less priority.

With Dawnbringers the other units don’t matter at all. It is only a question of being able to stop Dawnbringer before it cast more than once.
So it is always the same battle no matter what you are facing. It is just a question of being more or less Lucky.
Runic blade is powerful, but not as powerful as Dawnbringer by far. So the problem was not as serious by far.

I am afraid that you are right and that arena will not be more fixed than the rest of the crap.


This is the crux of the issue.


I obviously did not play arena enough to know that it has the unintentional meta. i hope it is unintentional.

Im farming the remaining 200k souls i need and crying for a nerf sucks…

I dont see many crying for a nerf on Dawnbringer, but to ban the weapon as well as Runic Blade from Arena. I am not much of an Arena player myself, but this is what I get from this thread.

Runic Blade at least only attacks one troop at a time, and doesn’t barrier the entire AI team. I almost never lose to Runic Blade. I almost always lose to Dawnbringer. If I only lost to it once in a while, I wouldn’t care, but Dawnbringer is way out of balance, even compared to Runic Blade.


If that the case ban all weapons that are legendary and mythic if the concern is low evel players

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