Dawnbringer Breaking Arena. Too Powerful

If we can’t have Legendary and Mythic Troops randomly given to us in Arena then why can players equip their Mythic weapons like Dawnringer in Arena? That weapon 1-shots all the weak troops the Arena gives me!


This has been an issue upsetting a lot of people for awhile now. Quive a few threads have been opened already, noteably Dawnbringer unbances arena with very little dev response. Basically they said they know it’s a problem but if they take it out runic blade will be overpowered so they want to find a better long term solution. I don’t even waste my breath anymore.


Technically, Dawnbringer is not a mythic weapon. It’s legendary :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally, I like it. Having Dawnbringer makes arena playable to end game players. Otherwise it’s unbearably slow and not particularly fun.

Dawnbringer means that you can play Arena normally until Level 200 before it shows up. Then you have to spend months and months grinding for Dawnbringer if you ever want to play Arena again.

What i dont uderstand is that if you have Dawnbringer,im pretty sure you dont need souls anymore,so why would you play arena?Its even more boring then pvp,because you just cast Dawnbringer,and its done,next game most of the time.And if you want to farm trophies,pvp is way better,especially as an endgame player that has Dawnbringer,that means you have everything leveled.

Your response tells me you don’t have DB because none of it is accurate.

It’s not usually about the souls but the glory keys & trophies.

No, it’s not. You get 30 trophies for 8 arena battles you can typically finish quicker than 8 3-trophy pvp battles that you only get 24 for.

Again not so. DB can only 1-shot the hero if you’ve already skulled him twice already or the equivalent damage so typically need a 2nd cast or something else to kill him. And 1 cast doesn’t always kill everything else either.

Again, not true at all. I have a lot of things not fully ascended so therefore not fully leveled.

Those who don’t have DB I’m sure just assume everything is a walk in the park for those of us that do. As great as DB is, it’s by no means the end all and be all. I still lose battles in arena with it. And i really only ever see it used with bard class so its not as strong on its own in other game modes.

Edit: but I won’t lie - it’s pretty sweet :wink:


I began playing and was a member of Intrim before it was even top 200,and during the BlackRhino age,so yeah,im a super veteran.Pvp gives 6 glory/match,and way more gold,and although for some of them its not faster than arena,im pretty sure if you are really a veteran,you can win pvp matches under a minute,i still missing almost every mythic,because of insane unlucky streak,but i have a few teams,that can win under 30 seconds with luck,and under 1 min without luck(or sometimes lose like everyone,because rng)I find it pretty strange that someone would do 8 arena matches for 5 glory key,because the trophies are pointless,you need the min trophy and gold for your guild anyway,unless you just cant handle losing in Pvp(me neither,but its still by far the best option),and just want easy wins by playing arena.(easy,but not rewarding)

There’s no “breaking” Arena anymore, it’s “broken”. Dawnbringer was created so endgamers farming for trophies would play less PvP and thus complain less about PvP balance. On the other side of the coin: arena’s not a mode where making in-game purchases creates progress, so it’s a really bad place for newbies to be if you want them to pay to win. All the endgamers farming trophies serve to push lower-level players out into PvP, where $50 legendaries and mythics are dangled in front of their face.

I posted this in the exact same ‘DB Arena’ thread with hundreds of replies. So I’ll post it here too. Arena needs Rarity classes limits. Before you start the Arena game you can chose.

Something like:
I. Common & Rare (Troops and Hero Weapons). All troops Level 5
II. C,R, UR (Troops and Hero W) All troops level 10
III. C,R,UR, E (Troops and Hero W). All troops Level 15
IV. C,R,UR, E,L (Troops and Hero W). all troops Level 20

Oh, and BD should be Mythic Weapon if there ever was one. (Not Legendary)

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Arena needs adjustment for sure.
Since all the cards you are given to play with are essentually basic level, how can you win all 8 battles on anything Harder than the first 2 settings? You get annihilated otherwise.

It didn’t used to be this way back in the early days, now it’s just ludacris.

I farmed 1.3 million souls in 10 days, so months and months is grossly inaccurate.

Actually, I can farm 50 trophies in the time it takes to luck out and actually win 8 Arena battles, so this argument holds no water.

There is a post about this, linked by someone above, that started in September and was at over 600 posts last I looked. I don’t look anymore :slight_smile: So I think it’s pretty clear that there is not going to be any action taken on tnis

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No luck involved. 8:0 or 8:1 should be a given most of the time, without having Dawnbringer btw(Spark Rocket 4tw).

Here is my advice, because talking about this issue has contributed both to me being salty about the games and mean on the forums:

You need to draft your teams specifically to beat Dawnbringer. It is very likely you will face 1-2 per Arena run, so if you don’t have a team that specifically helps you beat it, you are doomed.

To that end, I use the Runic Blade strategy. Other people have suggested other weapons, but this is still the one that works most reliably for me.

First, you have to make things revolve around how Runic Blade works. It does 14 damage, and if it kills the target you gain 10 to all stats. So the first rule is to never, ever use Runic Blade unless it is going to directly kill a troop. Very few troops naturally die to 14 damage, as far as I remember only one.

So you need to be able to hit another troop to get them into range. You don’t have to do a lot of damage: 5-6 is generally sufficient to create your victim. Any cheap source of “do damage” works. Targeted is preferred: if the damage is random and it picks the Dawnbringer-bearer that is No Good. Heroes have way too much armor and HP to be the first victim. Lower mana cost is optimal: you do NOT have a lot of time.

You also need to consider When Things Go Wrong. That means Dawnbringer beats you in the race. 18 damage is the baseline, the bigger a troop is over that mark the less likely Dawnbringer will one-shot them. Also, in the aftermath, you’ll be facing a fully-barriered team. So anything that does AoE damage, no matter how minor, can be extremely valuable, if it survives. Self-barrier would be nice, but it turns out as far as I can tell Dawnbringer itself is the only AoE barrier available to the Arena.

So when I’m drafting, I look really hard for cheap direct damage or tanks. Ideally I want them to use neither yellow nor green, but some overlap can be manageable.

The matches vs. Dawnbringer all go the same way:

  • Try to get Runic Blade full as fast as possible.
  • Try to get a damage dealer online as fast as possible.
  • Weaken then kill a troop with Runic Blade.

If you don’t get here before Dawnbringer goes off, odds of winning are very low, usually it nukes 2 troops. The next-worse case is Dawnbringer is close/ready to fire. The best case is Dawnbringer is miles away. Now the game is:

  • Focus all damage on the Dawnbringer. You have to kill it before its 2nd cast.

The RB-boosted hero will survive the first Dawnbringer cast. If you’re lucky, troops with damage ready will also survive. You can fill RB again, use a damage troop to remove barrier, then hopefully assassinate the hero. Getting this done before the 2nd cast generally means you win. Letting a 2nd cast happen dramatically decreases the odds.

It’s not fool-proof, but I did about 10 arena runs over the past 2 weeks and made it to 8 wins enough times to make me happy. One losing run was a fluke, I misread how a troop worked and had a weaker team than expected. Another was just plain bad luck. If I lost to a Dawnbringer, it was usually the kind of board where the odds were stacked in their favor.


I should not have to focus so much effort and strategy on beating a single Arena weapon. That is what “broken” means in any strategy game. When something represents such an overwhelming advantage it is the only logical choice, it is broken. When that strategy is so prevalent it is only natural the meta will shift to address it. When it turns out no counter to the strategy represents a high rate of success, it is broken.

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This is the part i disagree with. You actually don’t have to focus that much on beating DB.
Since it has been a while since i played Arena, i spent some time to play Arena the last couple of weeks just to see if it is really as bad as people here caim. And frankly it isn’t.
I made about 10+ Arena runs between the last two weeks, and finished with 8 wins everytime.
I used the Spark Rocket because it is my favourite weapon (it is also secretly one of the strongest Arena weapons in the game) and even had a second yellow troop in some of my runs, and still could beat DB Teams without it feeling impossible at any point.

I agree it is the strongest weapon in the game(by design) but in the AI’s hands as slow as it is with its 20 manacost it doesn’t break Arena imho.

So what’s your Spark Rocket strategy? I see potential, but I’m thinking of it this way.

It takes you 22 mana to cast Spark Rocket and do 50 damage split between 2 random opponents. That’s significant, and your best-case scenario is if it manages to hit the hero both times then DB is probably dead. It’s more likely you kill 2 troops or do 1 hit to the hero.

In 20 mana, he’s fired Dawnbringer. Your team just took a minimum of 88 damage. 2-3 of them are dead. Your hero is wounded.

11 mana later, you fire off Spark Rocket again. Maybe the hero dies. More likely you take out a troop. Dawnbringer is at 11.

The next phase is fidgety. If Dawnbringer fires again, you lose. If you make it first, odds are much higher you hit DB and kill it. BUT, in the meantime, all skull damage and ability damage has been hitting your hero. Odds are you’re dead already.

I don’t see that as much more promising than a Runic Blade strategy, but I want to try it if only because it’s novel.

Never happened to me, how do you arrive at 88 damage? Are your Dawnbringer opponents all yellow teams?
If so you are really unlucky, this should be really damn f-ing rare considering the Arena draft.

Anyways one Dawnbringer cast kills one maybe two troops if some random damage already went around. Even the second cast doesn’t kill my hero, which is basically all i need to finish the fights. That being said a second cast basically never happens unless i do dumb stuff…which can happen.

As for Spark Rocket; you get back most the mana you spent with the explosion, aiming for good settle-matches you will even get more mana back than you spent on the spell and/or skullmatches for an extra 12 damage, remove barriers on the leadtroop very efficiently by hitting a single skull with explosions etc. and a chance for extraturns if the board alligns, though hidden 4-matches are hard to spot sometimes…better match-3 players than me probably get significantly more 4-matches out of it.

Whatever the Rocket hits and is not the enemy hero is basically dead. Burn is brutal in Arena, and the Ai still randomly gathers mana for a troop that is dead two or three turns later.
You also naturally hunt two of DBs colours for your hero, denying the enemy these colours.
It is less of an actual strategy and simply more of a super efficient weapon.

I’m looking at Dawnbringer in-game right now. It says “Deal 22 damage to all enemies.”

That is 22 damage to 4 troops, for a team total of 88. Before the yellow boost is applied.

My first try with the Spark Rocket went horribly bad, 0-2. But if I sat down and built boards where I wanted Spark Rocket to lose, this first attempt would’ve been close. None of your advice applies if red and yellow aren’t on the board. Similarly, Runic Blade’s pretty bad when the game decides you really want purple mana. So more research is needed. :wink:

I don’t like that your answer to Dawnbringer is an event-specific weapon. It’s likely any random newbie can farm a Dawnbringer faster than they can obtain a Spark Rocket. Still, if it works, I’m using it.

Fair point. It released when i started playing the game, back then i got hooked on Arena, so it became my

goto for that mode.

In Arena you don’t get all your Magic bonuses, DB starts with 10 damage to all before yellow boost i think.