Dawnbringer Breaking Arena. Too Powerful

Glad to hear! I can’t so arena is faster for me. And since I can’t remember the last time I didn’t finish an arena run (sure it’s taken 9 matches to finish occasionally) it’s not all about luck.

So have fun in PvP and I’ll stick to arena thanks!

Oh. Right. It’s hard to consider all the angles. I thought it felt like 18 was a better benchmark.

It still doesn’t feel intuitively advantaged. DB will have done 40-50 to your team by that 22-mana mark, and you’ll have dealt back 26 and maybe killed a troop.

My intuition is they’re at best barely even, but once it fires you have to do damage 2 rounds to hit once? I’m going to play 1 arenas through and see what happens. It takes a while to build intuition.


Current run is going well. The opponent’s Black Beast decided to eat Dawnbringer.


Again i agree Dawnbringer is the strongest weapon, i just don’t feel with how slow it is and how it does not do a particularily great job at killing your hero fast in the AI’s Hands, that DB breaks the Arena, at least not on normal difficulty which is all i play.

Rolling burns and collateral exploding skulls help a great deal with that. In any case Spark Rocket is more about the control and fantastic manaefficiency than about raw damage.
Also i am not claiming it is the single best answer to Dawnbringer, nor an 8 win guarantee, it just works very well for me.

That’s fine, but this particular comment was unwarranted. I was just pointing out that Arena is NOT the fastest way to earn trophies. Your post sounds awfully bitter about that fact. I finished 2nd place in PvP last week, and accumulated 4550 trophies. I can guarantee you that you wouldn’t get that many in a week doing ONLY Arena.

Surefire way to not face Dawnbringer:

Try experimenting with a new strategy to face Dawnbringer.

(Of course, after I posted this I was beaten in one blow by a Dawnbringer.)

(After that, I lost to a Dawnbringer cast on turn 2. No thanks. I’m out of Arena for a while again. NOTHING should be strong enough to end the game that quickly in this mode.)


As a neutral third party, i would say that @Vanyel’s tone in his previous message didn’t sound bitter to me at all. I’m pretty sure he was just saying that in his circumstances, he genuinely finds it easier to grind trophies in Arena than PVP.

Also, my guild leader was grinding trophies in Arena last week. Except for the PVP he needed to do to get to Tier 1 and complete the weekly event (around 300-350 trophies worth probably), he did the rest in Arena and picked up a total of 4435 trophies. He has a family and a full-time job and still managed to do that. We just happened to be doing an internal push-week for trophies last week so that information was easily at-hand.


That’s fine - for you. Not for me. I’m thrilled you have that much time to grind. I don’t. I’ve timed my trophy production between PvP & arena & I earn more for my time in arena. A PvP battle takes me about the same time as an arena battle. So by default for my play style 30 trophies for 8 battles is more than 24 for 8 battles.

Thanks - I didn’t think so either. Because I’m certainly not bitter about any of it. I don’t have a problem how anyone gets their trophies - to each their own.

I do find it rather interesting that trophy production in general has gone through the roof since the introduction of DB and there are a lot of people no longer on the PvP leader boards that used to be still cranking out the same or more trophies.

So whatever you read into my initial comment @Seadogg83, it’s not there. It was one perspective and nothing more.


That sounds a bit snarky. Aside from that, it takes just as long, if not longer to win 8 Arena battles as it does 10 PvP battles, so the issue of “I don’t have time” LITERALLY holds no water. At all. At this point, you’re just trolling, and I will no longer take the bait. I have better shit to do with my time.

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Let’s also not forget to mention the fact that you get glory in PvP, as well, so if you want to waste your time, that’s fine, but stop acting like Arena is anything more than a boost for lower lvl players.

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We’re always fighting all the time! Do you see what Dawnbringer has done to us all? We used to hang out at Pizza Hut and play the 1942 machine and get along!


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The Swords you can craft in the soul forge All do around 12 damage (tripled against specific color)
Frost Sword (red) Dark Sword (yellow) and Stone Sword (blue) are all perfect for going up against Dawnbringer. The Dark Sword is also good against Runic.

What the Arena really needs is the ability to scout before a battle so you can pick your weapon.

Maybe increasing stats on troops in arena would balance it out, at least DB wouldn’t 1-shot everyone except your hero.

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