Dawnbringer unbalances Arena


Oh, dang, I got confused at the end and got the thread mixed up with the “Fix the Soulforge please [actually just give me Pharos-Ra]” thread. THAT one has languished last I checked. Just like I said it would.


Just a pestering regular reminder that DB more than unbalances the arena as a defence hero: its presence is disproportionate in too many ways: namely; its sweeping hit power backed by yellow mana cards, its whole team barrier and the fact it now dominates the opponents you meet in any arena outing.


I started an Arena game last night. My first two matches were losses to Dawnbringer. Yay!

One of them killed 3 of my 4 troops on the first activation. Whoever said to use Summer’s Fury a few dozen posts back is full of snot. It’s Runic Blade or nothing.


Did someone propose already Soul of Xathenos to counter DB?


I think Staff of Visions, as suggested in previous post, is a good weapon to play against DB or Runic Blade. Last week, I played arena 4 times using Staff of Visions with same strategy as suggested. 3 perfect and one ended in game 7.

Of course, it is not the solution. Staff of Visions can help, but it is still stressful to play against DB and in several occasions, my Staff of Visions had to fight against the whole AI team alone after a few turns.

DB is too much in arena.


Staff of Visions can protect only one troop so I see how it can save your battle with much stress…

Soul of Xathenos steals all the mana, which means a full DB will fill again your Hero. Of course, it means you will have to rely on your troops to deal much of the damage.
In fact, any draining weapons should be a suitable counter to DB.


I disagree. I think the Devs very much give a poop, but are restrained by the publisher on what they are allowed to change.


Perhaps you were out of luck. I used Summer’s Fury with much success. Also Black Manacles, War and Peace and some of the scythes are working quite good. If you have good troops that do much dmg you can also go for Serve and Protect. The secret is to apply some needed changes on every run. If you can choose a troop that changes colors - go for it, but adjust your weapon accordingly. There is no point in using a troop that generates purple mana with a red weapon and vice versa. Choosing yellow troops AND yellow weapon (such as RB) is also a risk. You just feed DB more dmg to its attacks. With well made team you can do your runs on Warlord I and win (yes, I tried multiple times, just out of curiosity). With any even “kind of” decent team you can surely do them on normal difficulty.


I dissagree, the Devs know there is an issue and have ignored it for months.


Perhaps they’re not ignoring the issue but rather ignoring those who complain so much and are focused on other more important issues first. It’s not like DB/arena is the only issue out there after all and DEFINITELY not the most crucial one despite what some may think…

I prefer to see it as the devs don’t subscribe to Squeaky Wheel Theory personally.


Ok ty for your opinion, and i guess you are done in this thread then? See ya around.

I have oil for my squeeks also.


Like they are restrained by the publisher to deliver the replacement unique trait for Dragon Soul they have been diligently working on for a year now? I’m afraid this is rather a matter of priorities, and its safe to assume that Arena is very low on the list.


I agree completely - I’m sure it is a matter of priorities. I’m just putting out there that they may not be in control of their own priority list, because they are answerable to the publisher and are responsible for meeting goals set forth by the publisher.

Maybe they are in total control and I’m completely wrong! I’m just trying to present an alternate viewpoint. We don’t know for sure, and I don’t see the point in perpetuating hate against the devs without proof that they are at fault.


I dont hate them, they have created a superb game and the support is fantastic.

I can only go on the fact that when questioned about Dawnbringer, they just dodge the issue. Agreed it is not the end of the world or gamebreaking but it is a hinderance to a lot of new players.


New-ish. The game breaks arena into several groups, from what I recall. A level 25 player looking to experiment and maybe earn a few souls won’t be matched up with a level 1000 veteran. I think that the final breakpoint was level 200; above that you get matched with literally any other arena team, from level 201 to level 1601. I think it’s unlikely that players below level 200 have Dawnbringer, so this issue only affects those in the highest division.

Granted, we’re the loudest, but at least the DB situation isn’t driving away fresh players in their first few weeks.


The last thing they would do is drive away new players. They’re most likely the people who spend the most money on the game. They haven’t seen all the little niggles yet that add up which is what prevents people such as myself spending any more money.

I’m level 1109 and Arena is screwed. Every time I think it’ll be fun to do something other than PvP I go to arena, lose twice to DB and don’t return for a couple of weeks.

Without a doubt. And as you say, they’re most likely not in full control of those priorities.

At the end of the day this is a business. The goal is to make money. DB doesn’t negatively effect newer players and I imagine neither does the issues with guild wars or the meta and so on. Most issues do not impact the ones with the money. The new players.
If all these things did, then they’d already be fixed.


@MadOrange now now, I think @vanyel is onto something indirectly. Although one might think it mad to ignore consumers, customers, users, voters etc. perhaps they don’t consider us as such.
I’ve made it clear that I’ve spent no money on this game yet and am waiting for these issues to be resolved before I do so. I now maintain they’re listening to those who pay. VIPs. I’ve played another game for years and am high level and play along with the “devs” though we don’t call them that. There isn’t any situation even similar to this but we players do have their ear. Unless any of you posting on this thread are VIPs and can shatter my opinion, please do so. I hate being cynical.
Several people have called out the devs and I did so recently and heard nothing but silence (save for @Ozball, ty for that). That’s very odd and makes theories like these spring up in absence of real information.


Is that really so? I personally didn’t spent money in the first weeks of me playing, as I need some time to see if I like a game enough to stick with it. I basically am someone who spends more the longer she plays a game (GoW is no exception to this, though the UI change and now the particles put big stops to me spending, though I did start again after the new UI had been improved temporarily before particles and TH changes happened.)

True enough. I keep trying to avoid PVP and get trophies elsewhere, get crushed by DB and decide to only come back when I have DB myself. Which will be in 1,300,000 souls. Poor me.

Yup. Arena is just one aspect of the game and definitely not the most important. A lot of people have troubles with the particles, for example, which affect literally every part of the game, no matter what mode - from TH to arena to explore to PVP. Such things should get first priority.

A lot of people here are VIPs, actually. Though I dunno if you only consider people of certain VIP levels “real” VIPs? You become VIP level 1 with only spending a tiny amount of money, after all.

In the last dev Q&A no question was answered in more depth and length than the Dawnbringer one. Nimhain has explained all options/solutions she is considering. I’m not quite sure what else is expected, outside of the programmers working faster?


Many of you in this thread are correct. Our priority list isn’t completely determined be the developers. We are currently working on this issue, but we also have the 3.3 update and Bright Forest quick approaching, as well as a few bugs we would like to address as soon as we can.


I have nothing to back this up of course. It’s just how I personally see it. I purchased Deathknight at about level 40.
When you look at the things you can buy, growth packs, path to glory and even ring of wonder. Most seems to be aimed at a newer player.
None of those things would help me. Which I’m ok with.

I’d imagine most of the shop products will be purchased by players under level 200. At what level does the cut off for seeing DB in area happen? Yup.

I don’t know if I qualify for an appropriate level of VIP but I’m level 4.
I must admit I do not think it’s a case of listening to players that pay. Think about it this way, we’ve already payed. Our opinions no longer matter.