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Mythics in Arena

Recently hit 200, been bouncing between hard and WL1, completing about 75% of the runs. Hit 200 and can’t complete a normal run due to OP mythic weapons. Just sucks.

@Wolfmanic, you are not the only one that thinks so. :sob:

In summary of that 6+ month old thread:

The devs are aware, but are worried you’d just complain about Runic Blade if they fixed it. Many, many players have agreed Runic Blade is far more approachable but thus spaketh a single representative of one of the devs once. Endgame players are happy they get to farm trophies and grief newbies at the same time, that’s another factor in leaving it.

Around your point in the game, it’s really best to transition to PvP and forget about Arena because of DB. It’s one of a handful of places where more consideration is given to endgame players than anything else, and it’s a shame it’s part of one of the most new-player-friendly modes.


Thanks for the great replies. Just in case a dev is listening, I was enjoying the mode and the game, having fun, then at 200, smack, brick wall.

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Smack, brick wall for all without DB.

They’ve listened, they’ve ignored. Sorry :worried:


I’m fairly sure if one dev speaks, he/she is speaking for all of the devs.

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DB hasn’t ruined my experience. I rarely face it. It is actually my next target, since I’ve already got Xathenos and 250 wins with each class. I’m saving up all my souls for Dawn Bringer and doing the daily dungeons to grab another couple Pharos Ra when they’re available in the Soul Forge. I like having an epic thing to go after.

DB is a game changer. All the best in your quest.

I’ve actually been beating the heck out of Dawnbringer teams recently. The only times where I really can’t beat them are the games where I haven’t been able to bring anything online by the time Dawnbringer fires, that’s a problem vs. any team.

I can’t tell you what, specifically, has changed. Maybe after ascending to level 1k+ my intuition is just better. But a lot of my old tips still apply:

  • I’m most successful with Runic Blade. This means, when picking troops, you sort of want to avoid green and yellow unless they bring something amazing to the table.
  • Color balance is key. If you end up stacked on green, you MUST pick some other weapon. Black Manacles comes to mind, I’ve also used Spark Rocket 20.16.
  • Avoid yellow like the plague. It boosts Dawnbringer. Any yellow troop you pick had better do something serious.
  • You can’t win if you can’t kill things with Runic Blade. Every troop you pick needs to be designed to be fast and soften things up for Runic Blade.
  • Runic Blade 1 has to kill something. Runic Blade 2 has to kill something. Runic Blade 3 is your only guaranteed hero kill. Pray you can use skull damage to fix that.
  • That means you want super-cheap direct damage. If i get 2 of those I tend to win my races.
  • “Explode” troops are also very good, because they deal with Barrier before whatever else they do if you explode skulls.
  • If you can’t do direct damage, status effects like poison and burn are very good: almost every Arena troop only needs to lose about 2-5 HP before the 1st Runic Blade can kill it.
  • Extra turn troops are also very valuable, so long as they actually do something for you in addition to that extra turn.
  • Charm? Heck yes. It’s bad later in the match but it can soften 2 troops AND weaken the hero.

If you play an awful lot, you’ll intuitively know which troops make your team more likely to win. I’m going to try and figure out a convenient way to log my teams, I have a feeling I can build a rank chart out of it, but :effort:.

I still want DB out of arena, but believe me: there’s a reason the level 1000+ people tell you they don’t have a problem. I haven’t quite figured out what that reason is yet. Give me time.