One eyebrow raising over Dawnbringer in Arena

Arena has always been a place where the skills of a player can be tested in an interesting way. It’s been untouched by several issues that had the community discussing, such as OP teams, bugs, cascades, AI luck, cut/paste defenses teams etc.

Mythic or Legendary troops can’t be used in the Arena, and it’s good like this, but isn’t a super-Mythic weapon such Dawnbringer an unbalancing element for the enjoying of the game, on both sides?

Getting Dawnbringer is a big thing, it’s long and difficult and a reward is absolutely well earned for those who had the patience and the ability to forge it. I sincerely admire who could get one (if they got it fairly) and this post didn’t come out of spite. Just… Arena was a safe haven for those who got stressed by PvP, a place were luck wasn’t more important than skills. It would be nice if it stayed that way.


shhh, don’t ruin it

There is already a thread on that topic.

I totally agree with you. Dawnbringer would need to be removed from arena, or at least, as it has been suggested on the thread, the teams with Dawnbringer should been removerd from the pool of defense teams that the players are liable to face.