Dawnbringer unbalances Arena


Don’t forget dwarven slayer, who can one shot anything in arena. I’ve got him at the top of my team now. With dawnbringer underneath!


Minogor, such an underrated troop. He one shot kills in arena :+1:


How, his attack is lower than the hero, so he he can’t do triple damage Marc? Whereas dwarven slayer does 55 damage.


I was going off key with mentioning one shot troops :+1:


Problem is also he usually can be killed with the 14 damage my runic blade does, so after i one shot him, i get the bonus to my stats. Doesn’t really relate to db, just arena in general, i try not to pick troops with 14 or less combined health and armor. It makes them a liability for rb or db.


And they often don’t. Quite simply the offer often is not balanced between colors.

Who ever said that Runic Blade is a problem?

Many weapons are ridiculous, full point. Some low-level weapon are surprisingly good. The same apply to low-level troops, and you have lesser choice in those.

I think they are winning teams.


The power of DB makes too many troops that could be useful in the arena a liability. Defeating DB usually comes down to all out good or lucky attack- get it first. The other option is to risk your time and stay in the game for the long haul after DB strikes first and barriers. The Runic Blade can often eventually take out DB- but its very time consuming and you ride your luck- often one troop against four. And often too you lose- the most galling being taken out by some totally weakened opposition troop[ who was damaged by your team from earlier in the match] delivering the inevitable coup de grace. The problem with DB is often it doesnt even need to be there at the end- once its sweep cripples your team and it barriers its whole team- its really only a perverse pig-headed hope that the gaming gods of war will somehow deliver to you victory from the jaws of defeat -that keeps you trying against DB. And you sometimes get DB out of the mid game - but its too late to recover- your last troop or two are maimed and understrength- harrassed and exhausted and then the ghost of DB gets you. Now thats unbalanced.


Sorry, it seems the forum’s glitching too today. I’ll re-post what got mangled.

At least we’ve heard, indirectly, from the devs and they are considering removing the hero in favour of an Epic card. That is encouraging.

The option for DB owners could be a soul refund or to keep it.

The benefit for everyone, including we “plebs” is an equal playing field on which a level 1000 player has as much gameplay and game-mechanical equality as someone who started yesterday. That means shorter rounds for me also since I too encounter easier teams with heroes with lesser weapons but if that’s part of the imbalance it has to go.
Their trophy and soul farming will hurt, yes but ours will flourish. I read somewhere here, and I’ll paraphrase “you do the time.” Basically he felt that since he put in the time to acquire DB, he had the right to use it. I don’t think the rest of DB owners have this Libertarian view lol. They reasonably recognise that it has broken this minigame and being the beneficiary of it isn’t worth it.
Those players who love to clear an Arena in seven minutes have to understand that it’s so easy because they’re killing our teams. Of course we’re not physically there at the time but we were.

What’s great about the idea of “NHET” (No Hero;Epictroop) is it’s the best way for new players to learn the troops; learn their names and spells and probably for higher level players also who’ve forgotten about a quirky little rare they can make Mythic and put into a team.

Note to the devs: We’d love to have one of you in on the conversation with us. As a temporary bandaid solution would you consider removing DB from defensive teams?


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EDIT: And while I’d like to comment on the Dawnbringer stuff, it’s not my area so unfortunately I can’t add any more insight that hasn’t been provided already.



That is part of the problem, NOTHING has been agreed, stated or otherwise. The problem is being DODGED!


Hey peeps, I think that I found a good counter to Dawnbringer. If you unlocked a class weapon called Staff of Vision, you will have high chances to win. I use it all the time now, and I rarely lose :slight_smile: Today I had a tough fight with DB, the enemy had 3 yellow troops, I had 1 yellow, so the spell took me 18 HP per cast (and he casted twice!). My Hero was the last troop with 2 HP, but I saved him when I had enough mana to use SoV. It gives you barrier, 3-15 mana back and Magic+ to random stat. When you are lucky it will save you most of the time.
I play on Normal dificulty, but I manage to win on Hard or Warlord I too! The thing is to use SoV only on a Hero, and spam it as much as you can to buff Hero super duper!

Staff of Visions (12 Purple)
Give an ally [Magic + 1] to a random skill, then give them Barrier and 3-15 Mana.

Stats of my Hero at the end of the battle. (Magic value was 144 xd)


I guess what irks me at this point is how the defenses for DB have so far been:

  • “It doesn’t bother me.”
  • “This is the only reason to craft DB at all.”

It’s kind of sad that the mythic, million-soul weapon’s only value in players’ eyes is “it helps me grief people in one of modes designed to equalize new and old players.”


I think you’re misrepresenting people’s arguments. Most people don’t care about DB on the AI side in arena. They use it on offense so they can finish arena runs more quickly. If the devs could somehow remove DB from defense teams, these people would be thrilled since Arena runs would be faster and easier than they are while DB remains.

Edit: I’m focusing on the griefing aspect of your post. I don’t think most players craft/use DB with the intent of griefing anyone (though obviously this won’t be universally true).


I get that part but looking through the thread the most common defense of DB is “If DB is removed from Arena in any way there’s no reason to craft it”.

Maybe I’m imagining the “in any way” but considering it’s been repeated for 3 months we only want it removed on defense, I can’t imagine a rational reason to make an argument then say “Oh, I meant on offense.”

I don’t like the “if the devs could somehow do this”. They’re devs, and I find it hard to imagine the complexity of “update a filter to not offer this weapon as an option” is an order of magnitude higher than, “update the draft code so it presents an epic instead of the hero and also update a filter so this list of “too strong” epics is not presented”. I don’t mind if it’s the solution they prefer, but talking as if either option is technically impossible is silly.

Really the only way I can buy that is to make some mean implications I’ve decided to quit making. It’s more likely and appropriate to imply, “the codebase is full of hasty decisions that made releasing on time in the past possible but makes releasing on time in the present difficult.” I feel this pain, I’ve been under it before.

But I am happy my plan to point out on Monday this topic sat for 2 weeks with no comment after Pharos-Ra was injected is now foiled. I wonder how many years this thread will stay active?


It is active, but things started to get heated, so i backed off.

The other reason is, the Devs dont give poop. They are not doing anything but dodge the situation.


I’m actually holding out low-probability hope they’re being quiet because there’s a big arena revamp planned and they want to surprise me on my birthday.

I just don’t know which birthday!


It’s hardly the only reason to craft DB. As it currently stands, DB is the best bard weapon in the game.


Okay, another idea. If the devs are unwilling to remove DB from defensive teams, could we at least get a preview for each team before we fight, like we can in PvP? There are certain weapons that can help against DB, but it sucks being limited to just those weapons all the time on the off chance that DB shows up. It’d be nice to know what I’m going up against, so I can tweak my hero’s weapon accordingly.


Agree: at least Tweaking would restore the arena to its lost original intent of a challenge. Scouting your hero opponent would allow you the chance to intelligently confront DB: which we currently can’t do with a blind confrontation. DB as a defensive option in its current configuration makes entering the arena an unsavoury, often execrable and often a brutally unpleasant experience; and you would think developers wouldn’t want players thinking and reacting so negatively about a component of their game.


The need for balance in the arena is reason enough to keep this thread active. DB is the plague of the arena. Every arena run is dominated by DB led teams. DB as this thread constantly reminds- unbalances arena play.