Conspiracy time yet?

Pet Gnomes were ninja removed from the arena to keep pvp relevant despite them nerfing Cpvp to death and making ranked PvP boring for most outside of the top 100 players each week or the die hard pvp lovers.

I mean if the most powerful person in the US can just make shit up. I don’t see why I can’t. :man_shrugging:

Viva Le Pet Gnome Revolution!

Day 29 of our pet gnome rights being suppressed.


Please find better role models :see_no_evil:

And on the subject of the thread, yes, a confirmation from the devs on the subject of pet gnomes in arena would be nice.


Lol, love the theory. Although it’s just as likely the moment they took out the hero, that inadvertently stopped pet gnomes from dropping. A theory equally full of crap, but, I was not let into the gems of war coding rooms to oversee this process so I’m going to assume something is wrong. Maybe code will just show up overnight and change this theory.

All kidding aside, pet gnomes not dropping in arena is a real issue. A very clear example again of the players seeing one thing and the devs saying another(see portal drop rate issue). Evidence is on the player side as it was there.

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That didn’t stop gnomes from dropping. It only stopped Pet gnomes from dropping. Allegedly.

It’s the equivalent of saying certain people want all gnomes to count, when in reality, only Legal, Legitimate gnomes should count. As an Orc, I am unable to count, so I am forced to rely on the gnomes counting for me. And I do not trust gnomes any more than I trust Watery and Carved to be fixed in a satisfactory manner.


Wait wait, im going to have to check your voter orc ID to make sure this claim is accurate.

Lol, thanks for the laugh, and yeah I meant pet gnomes. Or did I? Gonna have to litigate my post and see if that is actually what I said! I claim that quote is misleading and potentially dangerous.


This doesn’t actually sound too ridiculous to me, or maybe when this happened :thinking::

When was the last confirmed sighting of a Pet Gnome in Arena, does anyone know?

Agreed that, “we didn’t change anything about Pet Gnomes in 5.2” doesn’t necessarily indicate that “Pet Gnomes can definitely, currently be found in Arena battles”.


Maybe they changed pet gnomes across the board? I’ve been levelling up Warpriest today. I went from champ level 95 to 100 playing casual PvP exclusively and saw 0 pet gnomes.

Last week I found 9 Pet Gnomes in 500 PvP games (must be the highest frequency I’ve ever seen), this week it’s 1 in 200…overall guildwise we do see them more than the whole month before that.
I’ll be keeping an eye on this matter for a while longer yet.


One way to test this is to buy a pet bait and see if a pet gnome will spawn in the next arena battle

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tenor - 2020-11-07T064204.230

April 2018 was the last time I could easily find the devs mentioning the words Pet Gnomes and the arena.

Since then they seem to only mention (and seemingly now…will into existence…) that pet gnomes can only be found in PvP.

Including any mention of pet gnome bait that I looked into before possibly wasting $20 or asking others to.

So zero indication that pet Gnome bait would work in the arena, and zero indication that the devs laughably… unbelievably?.. Forgot that pet gnomes are supposed to be able to be found in the arena and therefore FORGOT to tell the 3rd party company responsible for the arena revamp and we get what we have here Luke.

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Now that pet gnomes are back in the arena. (Two weeks after even the most recent client patch, with just a server patch last night.)
Without ever 1 single acknowledgement on the bug report from a developer. (despite all the bug report threads around it being addressed.)

I’m 99% sure that they simply copy and pasted “the gnome code” over from explore and forgot to include Pet Gnomes in the arena. So to literally save face. They said nothing at all on the matter. :person_shrugging:


Certainly looks that way. A+ on lack of communication as always