[(ninja)FIXED] Pet Gnomes can (NOW) be found in the Arena

Platform, device version and operating system:
Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G, Android 10.0

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Pet Gnomes should be part of the available dropped gnomes in arena battles.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
At least since Patch 5.2 was released. Could of happened prior, it’s been months/years since I have done this much arena.

Steps to make it happen again

My best guess, unintentionally, the code from explore gnomes was copy and pasted over which is why we are seeing the same drop rate as explore instead of PvP. A “better” way to code it perhaps…would be to tie pet gnomes to anywhere ingots can be awarded. Because ingots are being granted in each arena battle without an issue.

According to @Saltypatra nothing was changed about pet gnomes on purpose in regards to the arena. So Pet Gnomes not being available in the arena must be a bug.

P.S. Hopefully you can fix this bug as quickly as you fixed the Fang Moore bug. It would be nice to see bugs that exploit players get fixed as quickly as those that exploit the game do.


I did 93 Arena runs since the patch, it’s 450+ battles and I didn’t saw a single pet gnome. I also asked in discord of my guild alliance if anyone saw pet gnome in Arena since rework, I got many responses and all of them said that they didn’t see any pet gnomes in Arena since the last patch.


As I for some reason - please don’t “kill” me - like the new arena, I have played at least 5 runs on a normal day, made it to the orb once on both daily events, and twice over this weekend (someone do the math :wink:)…

I’ve not seen a single pet gnome.

Encountered every other type several times…


If anyone notices a fix regarding arena and pets can you post here? Thanks!

A. Tremendous job catching up on seemingly on all the bug reports yesterday.
B. Because of that tremendous job… It makes this pet Gnome arena bug even more peculiar considering the phrasing you chose when originally answering my question when 5.2 was released.

You do know pet gnomes are/were supposed to be available in the arena right?
Because if you don’t know that… Then there’s no hope for the rest of the dev team to know that.


@Saltypatra is trying to find out how to handle a bug report for something that isn’t technically a bug since it isn’t a break down in coding. Just a break down in memory and communication between people.
Since the reason we don’t have pet gnomes in the arena is 98% most likely just because the 3rd party contractor wasn’t told to include them… Not out of malice… But out of ignorance for one owns product.
Conspiracy time yet? - #10 by awryan

Personally I don’t care who works on what sectors of the game and who doesn’t. Just as long as the person working on it is instructed by someone who actually knows what the Frank they are talking about. In this case. That didn’t happen. And regardless of if you the reader feel like it’s a big or little deal… It should read like an embarrassing error… And errors cause companies money… simple as that.

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Does anyone have Trumps twitter so I can show him what a real conspiracy looks like?

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:crazy_face: More or less irrelevant as of right now though. :slight_smile:



@awryan did you change the title to say skipped over on purpose, or was that the devs?

Gotta wonder what is the ‘logical sense’ of blatantly ignoring this Pet Gnomes in Arena issue.

Transparency, professionalism, and ethics continue to be the big winners, like every time they have deliberately dodged a topic in the past.
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The Arena rework already received a huge amount of dislikes. They probably feel they can’t possibly admit that they also removed one of the few remaining incentives to play that mode, triggering pet rescues. Especially since this wasn’t by accident, if you follow the breadcrumbs it’s quite clear this was entirely intentional.


I’m sure I’m wrong, but here goes:

I’ve noticed the loading time is ever so slightly longer than normal before an Arena battle.

I’ve also noticed that the teams I’m up against in Arena have a direct correlation with the team I’m using. The opponent has either the perfect counter or compliment to my team.

So when it’s loading, is it picking a random team or is it searching for a certain opponent, and is that affecting the Pet Gnomes drop?


I play 3 arenas evrey day. More on events. 1st time ive seen Pet Gnome


A guildmate has just bashed a pet gnome in the arena too. Ninja-fixed?


Same here. Not a single one since the rework, found one today.


Waiting for the official reply to be “RNG, we didn’t change anything”. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


A guildmate found a pet gnome in Arena minutes ago.

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Well, at least it’s fixed, then :slightly_smiling_face:

Sucks if it was a ninja-fix, but better a ninja-fix than a ninja-nerf :man_shrugging: