LFG (less than 15)

Looking for a gnome from the arena, a pet gnome to be exact. Please post a screen shot when you find it.
I know prior to the arena revamp they could be found. And according to the devs they should still be able to be found. I (and a growing amount of others) would just like independent confirmation. Please and thank you in advance.


Will confirm if I find one Monday / next weekend during the Valor events

I think I saw one after the update (and I know I triggered a pet for our guild, as it’s in our discord records, and I know that I play very little PVP, so I doubt I would have triggered it there), but I can’t confirm 100%.

Hopefully someone can soon, though I don’t think it seems less frequent than before (hard to say, though — what’s less than “basically never” anyway? :laughing:)


I can help track:

Main account (Monday, 19 Oct 2020)
1st attempt: 3 wins, 2 losses: 1 Gnome (Glory: Escaped)
2nd attempt: 4 wins, 0 losses: 1 Gnome (Treasure: Killed)

Alt account (Saturday, 24 Oct 2020)
1st attempt: 4 wins, 0 losses: 0 Gnomes

If the purpose of the thread is merely to confirm Pet Gnomes exist in Arena, would it also help to confirm that they can be killed prior to escape?

It may take me a while to get a large enough sample size…

7 Gnomes from the arena today…0 of them from the pet variety.

@Lyrian did anyone notice an absence of pet gnomes on the beta?

I fear there was an unintentional miscommunication and pet gnomes are somehow linked to modes of only pvp variety now. :pensive:

As usual today since the update. All other varieties of Gnomes in Arena except Pet Gnome.

Either they are extremely rare now or non-existent. Guessing the latter since no evidence has been posted to prove otherwise.

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looks back at 5.2 beta testing instructions

We weren’t asked to specifically check for the presence of gnomes when we tested the Arena. I can’t speak for the other beta testers on this, but I don’t think I remember anyone specifically calling out the lack of pet gnomes during beta.

That said, I severely doubt the 10 to 12-ish of us on beta wouldn’t have been able to manually come up with a statistically significant number of arena runs (multiple hundreds, if not thousands) during the beta period to make a hard determination on the presence or lack of pet gnomes one way or the other. Unlike dev versions of testing builds, the public beta test team doesn’t get access to simulations and other internal testing tools (such as those that are behind that “magical” green triangle on the upper mid-right above the game board when Salty streams from a dev version of a build) to make such a statistically significant evaluation.

Just 1… The drop rate so far is 0 out of 3 million give or take 3 million. And Salty is on record saying they didn’t touch gnomes so I’m pretty sure it’s bugged at this point. But thanks.

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Fun fact, since patch 5.2 the same amount of pet gnomes have been been found in the arena as in explore. :grinning: