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Dumb Question Time! (About Pet Gnomes)

So, uh.

As most people know, I hate PVP. But I love pets. But I also check the game only once or twice a day, so… no pets for me unless I trigger the event myself, I guess.

So I went into the PVP section when I wanted to never go there again. Battled myself to Tier 1. No Pet Gnome. Total bummer. Thought. Reconsidered. Figured: “I’ll go into casual PVP, load a battle, if there’s no gnome, I will simply retreat.”

Two hours with that strategy and surely 200+ battles later: No gnome. I haven’t even seen these guys once!

So, question: Is this RNG or do I actually have to win battles in Casual to get a chance to have one of the gnomes spawn, as a measure to prevent guilds from just doing this to get pet gnomes to appear more quickly?

If it makes you feel any better: Since the update, I’ve encountered a whopping 2 pet gnomes. Both times in Arena. Both times I defeated the pet gnome. Both times I lost the Arena battle. Still stuck on the minimum amount of pets (bunny+Lucky).

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I guess they really are rare, then, right? :confused: Well, I guess if they’re meant for a whole guild to be found, it makes sense.

Gonna start-and-retreat from 50 more battles and then stop. Not worth my time.

Oh, wow. That’s pretty genius. I wish I didn’t care about my win streak.


I think the spawn rate is really low, I’ve been playing Pvp and Arena a lot since the update and found only 2 gnomes so far.

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It would only be genius if it would work. :wink: Right now I basically feel like wasting 100% of my time.

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I have tried this as well, but without any luck. I think that it is simply coded in a way that a Gnome can only spawn in the upcoming match if you did not retreat the match before it.

Losses/Retreats in Casual PvP does not count towards your win streak, only ranked PvP does.


I get that impression by now as well. I just found my first “normal” gnome (treasure gnome) and that was after I actually finished a battle since I found a 4x Fire Bomb one.

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I edited my post a little so feel free to edit the quote a little as well. :wink:
Yeah, it makes sense that it is coded this way, indeed.

When the new week starts, play casual pvp and only casual pvp. Except lose one ranked pvp.

You’ll only see easy opponents in pvp.

Oh, and I’ve over 70 pets no gems spent. So busy guilds get plenty of pets.

Yes and no. I have found a total of 3 so far and I have done 516 pvp battles, around 8 arena runs and retreated from close to 100 casual pvp battles but someone in Hoguns today found 7 and the last one he found was before the previous event even ended.

I’ve been lucky that other people have been finding them and posting on discord about them otherwise I would probably only have 6 or 7.

Another dumb question: may this chance of meeting a pet gnome depend on amount of guild members playing ATM? The more members play - the higher this chance.

An active guild will trigger pet hunts continuously, five or ten minutes down time between pet hunts.