Arena Wins/Losses no longer count to PVP

Any battles lost or won in Arena will no longer count to your PVP Stats.

We’re sorry this has caused some confusion and frustration for so long. Previously, this was considered to be working as intended, but we’ve recently re-evaluated how Arena Battles counted for both wins and losses in PVP. Although Arena is technically apart of PVP, both these game modes should be treated separately. Within a few hours, restart your game to be sure you can see these changes - and your Arena losses will no longer ruin your good PVP stats. :tipping_hand_woman: Unfortunately, this can’t be changed retrospectively for previous stats or battles fought.


What’s a training battle?

It’s when you click someone and try to fight their team, or test your own team, etc.

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Should be the option in the menu next to Standard PVP.

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That’s Casual PvP which is different again from Training
If you choose to fight a player from clicking on their profile, or test your own defence team, that’s a Training battle.


Then the German Translation is misleading - it is called “Übung” in the menu here, which is a german synonym for “Training”, which is also used in german speaking.