(Not a bug) Arena losses counting as PVP losses

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Losses in Arena seem to count as PVP losses. That has never happened before

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Just this week. Each Arena loss counts as a PVP loss

Steps to make it happen again
Lose or retreat in Arena

It appears Arena losses are counting as PVP losses. I have not fought PVP this week and I have 3 phantom PVP Attack losses. I have had 3 losses (2 losses and 1 retreat) in Arena

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It’s not a guarantee, though. I tested yesterday. Tried retreating twice from Arena and had no change in my PVP loss column.

Edit: The losses took a while to show up. They’re there now!

It’s odd. Arena is the only “losses” I had this week so far. I have not lost a ToD fight yet and I have not done ranked PVP at all. I have done some casual but have had no losses there.

not sure if that’s a bug. guild war wins and arena wins does give trophy and advance your ladder score, so i guess it’s fair for it to count as pvp losses too?

Arena wins does nothing to your PvP score.

I think that meant guild trophy ladder. Trophies are the sole measure for that.

Arena losses don’t seem to impact PVP score either but it does affect your win/loss stats and also breaks any PVP win streak you may have had.

This bug has persisted into this week. A guild mate of mine tested it by retreating twice in Arena. It registered as two PVP Attack losses. Any information? @Cyrup @Kafka

Hey this is working as intended as Arena is a PVP game mode.

If arena losses counting as PvP losses are intended then arena wins should count as PvP wins but aren’t.

There has to be a bug here either arena losses counting pvp losses is a bug or arena wins not countig as pvp wins is a bug.

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Trueeee! Following up with the team again, sorry.


I get that PvP isn’t true PvP. Still, at least in the actual PvP real players are able to pick their Defenses. In the arena… you can’t… and hero class XP is awarded in PVP…🤷


Agreed. Not to mention that in standard PVP fights, you get to choose your team from the hundreds of troops you own, not a random selection of troops generated by RNG.