Do casual PVP losses still show as ranked PVP wins?

Mobile version in this case. Maybe Unity behaves differently.

My defense team is at a 50% win rate this week, with no event bonuses. Normally it’s around 20% by this point in the week. What is happening here? The people who are “losing” to my team are level 300+ usually (though there was a level 7 player who was somehow matched up against my level 1044 team a while back…), so they should have the troops to take down my team.

I can only think of two options for why my win rate would be consistently higher this week:
(1) the previously mentioned bug where defense losses in casual PVP show up as wins in ranked PVP. This week’s event awards snotstones for any enemy defeated in PVP, so maybe more players are doing casual to cycle through unpleasant teams for gold instead of gems.
(2) people are using Elspeth/Sacrifice-based teams in ranked PVP and just retreating if the gem spawn doesn’t work out for them. Better to try again in a different match

I suppose (3) widespread internet outages causing wins to be recorded as losses is also a possibility, but it seems remote.

So what gives? Why is my defense team suddenly more than twice as effective, despite no changes on my end and no event bonuses to help me out?

Yes they still count as wins.

No, casual not count for anything, just fun.

That actually isn’t true

Casual still gets trophies which count against your trophy count

Then what the difference ? Why play PvP when can play casual for trophy ? Seem go round in circle.

when you play casual you wont risk loosing pvp points - less stress for ppl who stress over such things as pvp ranking
also casual opponent choices are usually easier