How did I lose a PvP battle?

How did I lose a PvP battle


When I haven’t played PvP in 11 days


I’m now losing my winstreak without even playing


When you are active (in PvP, that is), your defense has a better chance of getting matched up. When you are not so, it doesn’t mean that your defense is not matched at all. Just not as frequent as when you are active.

Going by the screenshot it’s not a lost defense battle, it’s a lost invasion battle. One that the stats page claims took place this week, without showing up in the battle log of the last 11 days.

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Oh…I see it now. Could it be because someone defeated him defense in a casual PvP? Does it show on the stats?

Do you remember having lost some other battle exactly once this week, like Dungeon, Pet Rescue or Class Event? Very wild guess, maybe one of those is adding to the counter even though it shouldn’t.

Haven’t lost any of them but I did lose an arena battle today when I retreated.

That shows on the right side but only shows ranked. Left side is always invasion.

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I don’t think I lost PvP points from it. Pretty sure I had 602 at the start of the week.

That might fit pretty well, doesn’t happen often, so players would be unlikely to notice. And it seems to have received some rework recently to remove hero classes, so defeat handling could have changed. Any volunteers to lose a match?

Just tried retreating from two Arena matches. The losses do not appear on my PVP record.

That can’t be right.

This game has 0 (zero), as in nil, nada, diddly squat number of bugs so it can’t be the game.

You’re just imagining things. Time to wake up, buddy!

far as i can recall arena losses never counted towards pvp

#1 broke the game by going #2 on it. #3 it’s unfortunate, but they won’t do anything about your Winstreak that ended with a phantom loss. #4 if you the reader consider this “a call out” then I sincerely hope you step on a Lego today with your bare feet. :grinning:

Update: the #1 at the time of your post was banned from the game. :grinning:

I’d say make this a bug report or tag a Dev/three, to make sure it gets seen.

I also have a ghostly defeat. I was going crazy thinking when I had lost


IMG_20190302_150759_119 He tells me that yesterday he did not have them and they have appeared to him now after losing 2 combats in ToD

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I just posted in another thread, but may as well reproduce it here. When I tested this earlier, the losses did not appear in my record. I see them now, though. So it seems that Arena losses do count as ranked PVP losses, just with a delay before they show up.

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I opened a bug report on this as I have had the same problem.

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I wonder if it is a visual glitch or if the losses count against your overall PVP record. I do know the losses killed my win streak.

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So arena can show up as PvP losses and maybe wins?
But we can’t get Hero XP in the arena…:zipper_mouth_face:
Lame that it doesn’t count here as well… :frowning: