[(ninja)FIXED] Pet Gnomes can (NOW) be found in the Arena

@Saltypatra is trying to find out how to handle a bug report for something that isn’t technically a bug since it isn’t a break down in coding. Just a break down in memory and communication between people.
Since the reason we don’t have pet gnomes in the arena is 98% most likely just because the 3rd party contractor wasn’t told to include them… Not out of malice… But out of ignorance for one owns product.
Conspiracy time yet? - #10 by awryan

Personally I don’t care who works on what sectors of the game and who doesn’t. Just as long as the person working on it is instructed by someone who actually knows what the Frank they are talking about. In this case. That didn’t happen. And regardless of if you the reader feel like it’s a big or little deal… It should read like an embarrassing error… And errors cause companies money… simple as that.

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