Chat Server Down on console

Also, we are currently having issues with the Chat Server for both Mobile and console platforms. Whenever I selected Chat or Guild last night on XB1, I consistently ended up with a blank error message and a frozen screen that required a quit and restart:

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I’m getting this too. Please add any issues you are finding with the latest update to the Console 2.2 Known Issues topic. Make sure to list if you use Xbox or PS as well.

We’re currently taking a look but don’t have an ETA for a fix at this time.

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Chat should be back up.

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Not sure what happened, was working about an hour ago however if I try to open the chat box the system hangs for about 10 seconds then crashes. It popped a blue screen with a short video clip. I responded with what happened as well as I reloaded the game and confirmed that it does indeed crash when you try to open the chat box. Playing on PS4.

game is broken

been happening for 4 days

update broke chat - cant recruit or retain

pvp broken

wins unpaid count as losses because of server issues.

latest update has caused all this for nearly 1 week’

tribute not being awarded properly. troops not working properly.

freezing laggging its an absolute mess.

constantly asserting fixes when it is not fixed only indicates how poor support is.

Chat seems down at the moment, and it looks like it probably covers all platforms.

should take the game down and fix it .

more interested in getting money than supplying a working product.

Obviously that’s why I’m currently on vacation, sitting in my hotel room, rebuilding the chat server instead of, you know, having a vacation!

/sarcasm off

Seriously though that’s kind of a silly thing to say, since the best way to make money IS to have a working product :stuck_out_tongue:


MOST of us appreciate our devs. Thanks guys, we know you work hard to keep us playing the game we love.


And we thank you for taking the time out of your vacation to fix the chat system. I understand completely when the phone rings and you thought you were going to sit down and have a few drinks, yet duty calls!


I hate that people get so annoyed at the developers of this game… you guys do great work and there’s a few bumps in the road but it’s expected. People should be more polite


So you want sympathy well whoopsy do.

My disabled kids want to play - can they?

If constant resets and restarts break the console you gonna pay?

Who paid for your holiday?

Players .

You want to play stupid pathetic sympathy cards as an excuse for a product that discernibly has not worked properly for months so be it.

Most people think support is on holiday 24/7 anyway…

now thats funny

Actually I want what we all want… servers that are stable, services that are reliable, and a relatively bug-free game. For the most part, and for most customers we can deliver that - it’s why we’re still here doing well! - but when something fails I think we’re about as responsive as possible in fixing it. And when we’re not, we’re always trying to improve.

I understand you’re not satisfied with our service and are lashing out because of that, and I AM actually sorry that you’ve had some disruptions to your game, and I KNOW you had an issue with our support, which we worked on and escalated to resolve as well as we could, but continually lashing out will only result in your removal from the forum, and I’d rather it not amount to that.


Wow some people are so rude… Enjoy your vacation Sirrian and thank you for everything.

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