GUILD and GLOBAL game chat are NOT WORKING on xbox

Xbox1 - Game chat refuses to load, lags, or kicks you if you leave to go do pvp and try to return.

This issue is ongoing and I think has been reported under “bugs” by several other gemmers.

Just passing the information along to devs that yesterday there was a 20 minute delay on any entry to guild chat which makes having a constructive or productive guild war prep conversation impossible because people go off and do other things in game and think you are rude for not replying to their question in chat.

If you leave chat to go do arena or pvp and then try to go back to chat, it says “we don’t seem to be able to connect to the chat server right now, please try again later” or some error message like that and you have to quit game and reload game three or four times to get back into chat.


Also, while we are addressing “lag” issues…

If you are in pvp and wish to leave to go to map to do other things in game, the game freezes for like 5 minutes before letting you leave pvp.

And, while in pvp if you finish a match and want to go check leaderboard to see how many more points you need to advance, the game freezes on screen and you have to wait 5 minutes to advance tabs.

Or if you are on map and want to open “troops” to edit teams for next round of pvp, the game freezes for 5 minutes before you can get into troops.

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One of my Guidmates had this exact same issue. He did a hard rest (hold the front power button down for 10 seconds). It hope it helps you.

Here are some official responses if you want to read them about the Chat issues.

It’s bad enough that the troop menu still crashes the game. Now opening chat forces me to quit and reload due to the infinite spiraling blue circle of death. I probably quit and reload the game at least three or four times a session. I can live without the wild antics of global chat, but not being able to talk to guildies about teams ruined the fun factor of last week’s GWs.

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xbox console in game gems’ CHAT IS STILL BROKEN, it will work one minute then stop working then not work at all but lag and post 10 minutes later half of what you typed, it is extremely frustrating when trying to conduct guild war prep and having guild chat down, it is extremely inconvenient to have to go off map to club page for chat or to other device to be on discord to chat, the chatbox used to be the fastest most effective way to orchestrate competitive gameplay. Now it is a source of frustration. Who can tell me where I need to be posting this to get some traction on getting chat rectified??? Am I in the wrong category???

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The new normal. Get used to it.

Nooooooooooo, this can’t be the way it is going to stay.

Having to log out and back into the game repeatedly just to open chat window costs valuable grinding time that could be spent getting trophies and gold.

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They could upload a patch to fix the issue where if chat is not available it won’t crash the game. On one of the crashes it corrupted my game and I had to re-install it. Oddly they’ll make a patch quickly for other things, but crashing a game due to chat functionality and corruptions has seen no patch.

I’d love a fix to the chat issue. Though if anything else is it too hard of a request to at least fix it from crashing?

Hey Guys,

The team has been looking into the issues with Chat over the past week. Unfortunately the cause isn’t obvious as the issue haven’t been affecting everyone equally.

The team has found a few things that may be causing it and are investigating it further to try and see if we can get this issue resolved soon.


@Nimhain Thank you for the reply i hope you guys will find out quickly, we will need our guild chat working properly for the raid boss :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the reply! It helps the frustration to hear it’s being investigated. I lost this entire discussion with my guildmates and we had to message each other to try to piece together the information lol

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Thank You for acknowledging the chat issues, please keep at it. Part of my frustration was silence on the issue.

Not related chat…
Great event this week!!!. I personally don’t need any Traitstones but everyone in my Guild and in the public clubs were VERY happy with x2 stones in explore. Lots of positive talk. The Xbox servers were absolutely buckling under the increased load this week. A problem… But a good one showing lots of activity.

so far so good and fingers crossed, but chat has been working fine since reset this morning, the issues in both guild and global appear to have been fixed. thank you so very very much.