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Guild Chat on CONSOLE

Please look at the problems with GUILD chat on console (and Global if there is time). None of these issues occur constantly, but all of them with enough frequency to be majorly annoying.

Interment Major Issues:

  • Can not connect 'We don’t seem able to be able to connect…" Message
  • spinning blue circle when trying to connect no message.
  • missing lines/messages from Guild chat!
  • stops displaying ALL new messages, with no notification its failed!
  • messages typed and posted never appear.
  • Guild chat appears in Global chat panel. (it’s not actually occurring but looks odd)

Occasional Workarounds

  • sometimes disconnecting and re connecting fixes the issues: not 100%
  • sometimes quitting gems entirely and re launching fixes the issues: Not 100%

Interment Minor Issues

  • Delay of 2-3 minutes displaying messages.

+1000000 this is ridiculous it keep freezing and crashing every time


Also on Mobile and PC


I hate the fact you have to type everything single word as for some reason you can’t have predicted text. It’s crap. Maybe it’s the swear thing, but I very rarely chat in global now, especially since almost everyone decided to change their names. I’ve no idea who anyone is now.

@Cyrup @Ozball any word about that? It’s been like this for 3 days

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About what specifically, sorry?

Today we did have to restart the chat servers on console which caused a brief timeout. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Aside from this scheduled restart we haven’t had experienced any issues on our side. Are your internet connections strong and consistent? In certain circumstances players have had issues with their internet which has caused some of these problems with chat.

@Saltypatra it wasn’t just today, it’s been like this for 3 days now and for everyone


Here is very typical example. Unusually, there are constantly all kinds of silliness in chat. 19 minutes without a post… Same for Guild chat.

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It’s been seriously acting up for a few days. All the problems listed above has always been there for months, but recently it’s been outstanding bad.

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Salty was explaining that this is the fix that should have fixed the chat issues that have been occurring for the last few days, Strat. The server restart should have helped alleviate this.

Sorry Ricky, there was about 8 or so issues referenced in this thread and I didn’t know what you were specifying.

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Well i guess you need another fix cause it’s still acting weird :slight_smile:

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@Saltypatra @Cyrup Just some thoughts on the Chat issue:

  1. -Removed- the snarky comment about ‘Scheduled’ :yum:. I’ve been called out on this a few times long ago.
  2. I may be wrong… but all those issues I listed in my first post above I believe are symptoms of the some yet to be identified cause, and not a laundry list of separate issues. Like a broken bone: you have swelling, loss of mobility, pain, bruising… You treat the cause (the break) and not the symptoms.
  3. My internet has been fine. For the past few days incuding through tonight I see complaints in global chat, and when on Xbox live parties. Many players that use chat are having internment issues (of course lots of players don’t use it, so they are not impacted).
  4. The reboot don’t fix the Chat issues, there is something else going on. Please have the developers investigate.



Still a major problem on xbox

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Still a major issue on mobile devices. Can alleviating the extra spam of mythic upgrades help with this issue?

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This is so not fixed lol salty please check that again :stuck_out_tongue:


Can we look into this please, it’s a very close 3 way battle at the top in gw on Xbox and communication is very important.


It would be a localized issue if only some people experienced these issues intermittently or with greater consistency. However, this is quickly refuted when the in-game community all at large experiences the same issue at the same exact times it occurs. If a restart did not fix the chat server then there is a monkey tinkering about someplace it shouldn’t. And it needs to be caught and told ‘bad monkey’.


@Saltypatra @Ozball xbox still same
Prob with chat


Just a heads, up the Guild Chat issues on Console has not resolved itself unattended.

Please feel free to put in a Purchase Order request for both consoles so you can fire them up from time to time at the office and play Gems.

@Rickygervais I typed this up a 2 hours ago, but forgot to post it.