Guild Chat on CONSOLE

Well if i buy a car i don’t really need the radio but i still expect it to work…


Chat never, ever works, not even once, the first time GoW loads. I have to quit chat and reconnect to see anything.

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I’m sorry that your GUILD Chat is so bad it needs it be checked in on nightly by the developers, perhaps you should use those other methods to help your guild mates clean up their act. :wink:

I know. It was a joke, considering this entire thread was created for Guild chat and not Global.

Chat is still brutal on Xbox. Lag lag lag


Bump bump bump is a clear sentence


Whoever messed with chat and messed it up should be punished…{probably the janitor)…he needs to be told that people are not happy with him. A pay cut could be in order or at the very least an apology would be nice.



Initial Post :

Later Post :

Technically you stated it was also for Global chat as well if there was time. And given if they fixed Guild chat they would similarly also fix issues with Global. As the issue is most likely interconnected to chat overall.

Thanks for bumping! And no kidding it’s interconnected…

FYI: to anyone that reads this from the support team, Guild chat is still not right.

You sure? :slight_smile:

@Ozball @Saltypatra @Cyrup
Any infos about this? The chat is a real nightmare


global CHAT and GUILD chat do not work, haven’t for days, or they work sporadically, or lag terrifically, or overlap as in both are titled GUILD and there is no GLOBAL chat to see on occasion.

You type a message and it doesn’t appear on screen or shows up 2 hours later and sometimes that can be taken out of context when it interrupts a conversation about someone’s real life trauma and your “lol” totally unrelated from an earlier conversation line that lagged out and then decides to pop up which makes you look insensitive.

You cannot formulate appropriate guild war strategies when there is such a lag on getting information to your guild about what defenses you faced so they can adjust their offense squads with a laggy non-functioning chat.

The club page chats work fine.

You can make a “party” text conversation and invite your entire guild to end run around this lack of timely communicating but that annoys those guild mates off in other games that see notifications popping off on their screen about gems.

It’s not a universal “breakage” on the chat, it will work for one or two guildmates that are in the game, but then others logging on cannot enter the chat, cannot see past chat logged conversations, and have to reboot the game several times to see chat but then by that time the others that were in chat have lagged out and don’t realize they are not in chat, they just think everyone is quiet. But they know that if they see “me” online that I would be chatting, so they go to check and viola, no chat entries can they post so they have to be troubled to restart the game and that cuts into gameplay all the restarting of the game takes time away from earning trophies and gold to advance your guild.

Please, someone fix this. SOON!


You can ‘mute’ a single XBL group message you create so it doesn’t popup constantly when people reply. BUT, If a player choses to do this they must rember to check it visually for the new message indicator from time to time. I hope that helps.

@ Support
Chat is still malfunctioning!

he was playing hockey, got pissed with silly gems stuff popping up, so he left the whole message thread, then came back in the morning as “re-invited”.

I think it was dinging off on his phone too, so suppose he needs to “mute” notifications on that as well.

Technology, it’s great when it works likes it’s suppose to.


Last post was 10 days ago.

Do they seriously not have a console there in the office to check this stuff out?
Or hey maybe, just maybe, someone in their entire dev team actually owns a personal console to play games on… FIX IT ALREADY.

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Hello @Icarium81, we do have a console in the office. We are currently still investigating this issue.

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Oh so just not worth mentioning you’re still working on such a large known issue. Gotcha.

We made a fix recently that has sorted this issue for a majority of console players. If you are still experiencing problems please take a screenshot and contact our support so we can help you further.

It’s far from fixed. Go on your console now and watch chat for 15 minutes. It’s clearly FUBAR.
What’s a screen shot going to show… It’s going to look like chat with odd breaks in time between posts where it freezes for a few minutes or ten minutes… or it will be missing posts… screen shots don’t capture either of those.

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Have a developer come into Xbox global chat NOT as a developer and see how toxic it can get. I bet you would have a laundry list of people to ban after 15 minutes.

If I could figure out a way to search for people looking for a guild to join outside of global I would never be in global chat.