[RESOLVED] Chat unavailable

Seems the global etc chat went down around an hour or so ago. Any idea when it will be back up? (I’m assuming it’s a server issue given it’s not just myself having this issue)

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Was actually about to post about this myself, as I noticed it when on my own account.

The development team has been notified and currently investigating!

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


Much appreciated, cheers. It’s back online now.

Chat is still down on Xbox, can’t access global or guild chat right now.


Still down on xbox.


I’m on xBox here (xBox One X), and it’s now working again, perhaps try reloading the game if you’ve not already (though could be dependent on how many chat servers there are)?


In the UK myself in case it’s also geo-specific

Once I have more information, I’ll jump back in here.

But we are aware it is still down, currently been checking my own account (PC) periodically while the team is following this up.


Have they tried turning it off then on again hehe :rofl: :rofl:

Same on PS4

On the mobile phone in the Android app, the chat has not been working for a good 2 hours. The chat server has simply logged off. And I can no longer log in.

At least the lag seems to be also gone. Anyone else? Coincidence?

Chat is back online :sparkles:

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2: